Pandora Essence Autumn 2015 Collection Preview


In addition to their regular line, Pandora is also introducing new Essence charms for Autumn 2015.  The release date should be the same on August 27th.  UPDATE: This collection will not be coming to the US and Canada.  Pandora Australia and possibly the UK will be seeing this release. There’s not a lot of new characteristics being released, rather re-designs of existing ones in the collections.  I posted a preview of this set already but today we’ve got better photos of the individual charms, and they are Friendship, Love, Caring, Dignity, Sensitivity, Spirituality, and Creativity.

When the concept first premiered, I was wondering how Pandora would carry on releasing different characteristics and it seems like they definitely have hit a wall there.  We’re seeing different variations based on the same attribute, and they must be the popular ones.  I’m especially excited for Dignity which is a pearl and it’s been one gemstone that I’ve been hoping for since the beginning.

With this collection not debuting in the Americas, it definitely puts more stock into rumors that the brand may be discontinuing the line in the near future.  It’ll be interesting to see whether/when Pandora is going to discontinue this collection.  Which one of these are you anticipating?

  • Lozzie

    Love and dignity are must haves for me. Love my Essence bracelet.

  • Pattie Hall

    do you think the Essence bracelet will be included in the Sept. promotion?thank you

    • Laura Summers

      The September promotion this year will be spend $100, get a $65 credit towards a charm. So you could buy the bracelet and one of the $40 charms to make up your $100, then get one of the more expensive essence charms for free.

      • Pattie Hall

        great, thank you

  • Laura Summers

    I was hoping they’d do something with looks – “beautiful”, maybe. I also hoped for “intelligence” — wisdom is NOT the same as intelligence. Also wanted “adventurous”. And finally, most of all – I really wanted them to re-release “energy” in something other than that horrible carnelian.

    • Sierra

      I was thinking something similar. There are all kinds of attributes they could do that would have a natural stone associated with it like grace, serenity, sincerity, harmony, or luck just to name a few. They don’t have to keep recreating other attributes. I understand redoing the two tone attributes because not everyone wants gold or wants to pay for it, but we really don’t need 3 versions of love and caring or any other already represented attributes for that matter.

    • Tia TL

      Yeah, to be honest, I don’t know why they chose to do values. They should’ve used adjectives to describe a person such as “sweet”, “fun”, “mysterious”, “charming”, etc. The possibilities would have been endless!

  • Tracy

    I’m so excited about the pearl!

  • Jen Tab

    Maybe Pandora is trying to get us to buy a separate bracelet for each attribute. That way you have to get each “love” charm or each “caring” charm for your individual bracelet. Haha!!

  • Molly

    Wow, that’s really interesting that they won’t be available in the US. Do you know if they will still be able to be ordered online by the US customers?