Pandora December promotion

It seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year.  We haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, but I’ve had tons of inquiries about the holiday promotion for Pandora.  This year, like the last several years, Pandora is offering a Christmas ornament as a gift with purchase.  The ornament is an absolutely darling porcelain stocking, free with a purchase of $125USD.  This promotion is only available in the US, Canada, Australia ($150AUD), and New Zealand ($175NZD) and I’ve been told that there are limited quantities.  It starts on December 1st through 24th, or while supplies last.

I have a feeling these are going to sell fast so if you like them, I’d get them sooner rather than later.  The stocking ornament has a cute little drawstring bag (you can see it peeking out from the boot), and my theory is that you can put a charm in there as a stocking stuffer.  PANDORA is also imprinted on the bottom of the boot with the year 2012.  Here are some wonderful live shots of the new ornament, courtesy of a Pandora friend.  It looks quite substantial, doesn’t it?

Pandora has released Christmas ornaments for the past 4 years now starting from 2008, making this year’s the fifth in the series.  The first ornament was a simple and elegant “Ô” hung on a string, these are extremely rare nowadays and will cost a pretty penny if you’re seeking to collect it.  The second ornament released was a Pandora snowman and the third was Santa’s sled, that also had a pouch on the seat perfect for holding charms.  Last year’s ornament was also porcelain and was a very hefty snowball.  This new stocking is similar in style to last year’s ornament whereas the other ornaments seem kinda like a hodgepodge.  I’m looking forward to getting my ornament when December rolls around!

  • Elyse

    Love it! Great pictures of the stocking -it’s adorable and I love that a charm can go inside like the sled.

  • Ashley

    Awwww I love the snowman I wonder if I could find it? Hmmmmmm……..

    • Leann

      It’ll be tough to find :(. eBay and the Facebook Pandora Promo Selling Group is a good place to start.

    • Monica

      I am selling the snowman in eBay.

  • mary jean

    Looks very very pretty!

  • Amanda Allen

    Can you still order the charms & receive the ornament if you order online?

    • Leann

      I believe the retailers do not automatically send the ornament with online purchases. You’d have to do a phone order and ask for it. 🙂

      • Amanda Allen

        Thanks! Also does anyone know where I can get the 2008 ornament, I never knew till I saw your blog here what the 2008 ornament was, I have all of the others except 2008, really wanting to complete my collection, Thanks

  • Jan

    Hi Leann. Do you know which online store automatically gives this ornament?

    thanks in advance

    • Leann

      I’m not sure if they’ll automatically give out the ornament. I would try to place a phone order with them. PandoraMOA will be having the GWP in store so give them a call to see if they’ll include it.

  • Monica

    Just curious why these ornaments are so popular? I am selling the 2008 and 2009 ornament on eBay right now and am getting an abundance or bids and interest.

    • Leann

      Haha, a lot of ladies are very interested in the Pandora promo items. Pandora wasn’t as popular a few year ago, so there aren’t a lot of the earlier ornaments. 🙂

  • Sarah

    omg this is two of my obsessions combined! I must get all of these Im gutted ive missed out! last christmas I went to a store that stocks pandora and purchased my first charms and bracelet not an official pandora store i’m kicking myself now!

    • Leann

      Aww, too bad. They’ll have another ornament this year.