Pandora Cruise 2013 – Day 6

pandora-cruise-personalstyle-workshopAnother day at sea and the Pandora team organized another pair of events for us ladies. We started out with the “Pandora Find Your Personal Style” session which was a talk given by celebrity stylist Janette Ewen. I enjoyed this event a lot as Janette was a great speaker and gave some very useful advice and recommendations on finding your individual style, decorating around the home, and rebooting your attitude and outlook on life. I think I’ll definitely follow some of her tips when I get back to Seattle!

pandora-cruise-tietheknot-workshopThe second event was the return of the “How to Tie a Knot” workshop that was held on last year’s cruise. As we walked in we were handed a packet containing two cloth lariats as well as the 100mm leather cord, a nice surprise! It was also a slightly different format this time around; the Pandora team spent the first 30 minutes walking us through two simple necklace and bracelet designs that we could play around with using our own charms.

The later part of the hour was used to run a mini-contest where we had some time to create a unique lariat/cord creation of our own that had a story behind it. Pandora staff judged the creations and picked six winning designs to receive a prize. A special prize was also given to one of the six that also had the best accompanying story. The six lucky ladies all received a great looking Pandora passport holder and luggage set that I have never seen before, and the story winner also got a Pandora-branded canvas bag.

The “How to Tie a Knot” session was more fun this year and felt much more interactive – having prizes at the end definitely didn’t hurt :). One change was that we didn’t get any raffle tickets for attending the events like we did last year, and it seems like they haven’t been giving away as many prizes throughout the cruise. I hope it means that tomorrow’s final day events will have lots of giveaways!

  • Ashley

    I really need to hear or really be shown a how to tie the knot. I never can get it just right and i get super frustrated and just forget it. And I’ve even watched YouTube tutorials as well. Oh whatever, I’m bound to figure it out one of these days! 🙂

    Leann, u should give a little tutorial on what u learned to help peeps like me, b/c surely I’m not the only one in the freaking dark!! 😉

    • Leann

      They didn’t really show us anything exciting or complicated this time. I don’t really like the fabric strings, but they can be cool. I’ll see if there’s anything useful to post on ;).

  • Ashley

    Hi Leann! Sounds like the cruise was a blast from all the blogs we’ve read from u! One day I’m gonna go on this Pandora cruise, won’t prob be with my hubby. He watches too much news and about how cruise ships are unsafe. lol 🙂 Anyway, yeah I have a lot of these fabric strings and haven’t gotten a clue what to do with them!! Any help from u is always a welcome! 😉

    • Leann

      You definitely should! I luuuuv cruising! It’s a floating all-inclusive hotel and you get to visit different places :). This was my third and I’d love to do one a year ;). I will have to play with the fabric strings more; they didn’t really teach us anything complicated.