Pandora Cruise 2013 – Day 4

pandora-cruise-st.-thomas1I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I was so excited for our port stop today. We slept in late a bit since we didn’t dock until noon and then we headed off to the excursion that was organized for us – it included a mini-tour of the island and then transportation to and from the Pandora shops.

pandora-cruise-st.-thomasWe drove by Blackbeard’s Castle, a botanical garden, and Magens Bay Beach which is ranked in the top 10 beaches around the world by National Geographic. The water is a-ma-zing; it’s a gorgeous and clear deep turquoise color. Exactly the same as the new Pandora teal fascinating Murano that I can’t wait to buy! It’ll be a perfect memento for this wonderful trip.


By the time we got to the Pandora store, I was sweaty, hot, and tired but I perked right up once we went inside. There are 2 Concept stores and a number of shop-in-shops. They were ready for us, but it was packed! I got [almost] everything I wanted and then some. I found a few retired pieces that I could not pass up; the wide and narrow charm, Gemini symbol, love t-shirt, and a gold lovepod spacer which is simply divine. We went to 5 separate stores and they were all very nice and friendly. I especially liked that they had things for us to buy, lol. Some of the stores even had specially engraved “St. Thomas” charms, including the turquoise stars Muranos, light blue looking glass, treasure chest, and the cruise ship. The sales associates didn’t really show those off so a lot of the women didn’t even get to buy one.  No luck on getting the summer collection, but I wasn’t expecting to so no biggie.

It wasn’t until we were heading back to the ship that I realized how much my feet hurt. We sailed off around 7 so it was just a short stop. Tomorrow we’re going to St. Martin/St. Maarten and more Pandora shopping! I’m hoping they have more retired pieces, it’s the best feeling to find charms that are no longer available. It changes a bead that you didn’t even think you wanted to a must have. 😀

  • Lynda

    Love all your finds dear!!! However, you must post a pic of the gold lovepod spacer, because I have no clue which one that is! LOL Good luck hunting @ your next port <3

    • Leann

      Will do, Lynda! I think Wes took about 1000 pictures so I’m trying to sift through them. The spacer is simply gorgeous, I couldn’t resist!

  • Nicole

    I am wondering what stores had the st. Thomas engraved charms. I am going on a disney cruise in may to st Martin and st Thomas. Wondering if they were just for the pandora cruise or available all the time?

    • Mary Yapp

      I was on a royal carribean cruise in March and Bouchards in st Thomas had the engraved cruise ships.

      • Nicole

        Oh thanks! I appreciate you letting me know. I will keep a look out.

    • Leann

      They’re available all the time. Most of the Pandora stores (and all the Concept stores) are owned by Boolchards which is the one with the engraved beads. They had 2 kinds of Muranos, the cruise ship and the treasure chest. 🙂

  • Elyse

    So happy for you getting some great finds! St Thomas is one of my favorite islands as well. Happy shopping!

  • JeanneP

    I love that you are sharing your purchases along the way!! I want to go Pandora shopping right now!! Enjoy!

  • Sherri

    Could you tell me where the shops you got the etched beads from were? For both St. Thomas and St. Maarten? My fiance is going on a cruise next week and I’d like him to pick up both. And could you tell me how much they were? Thank you!

    • Leann

      I believe all the Concept stores had they, they’re owned by the same franchise. They’re in the shops area, so should be easy to find! 🙂