Pandora CNY 2016 arrives in stores

pandora-cny-2016-campaign****UPDATE on availability*****

The Pandora Chinese New Year charm has arrived in stores although I’m told that the official launch date is January 14th.  It has been confirmed for Singapore, and I suspect all the Asian countries will be getting it.  This piglet has also been released in Australia, France, and Spain, so the Chinese New Year charm is seeing a much more wider distribution this year.  It’s uncertain whether the charm will be available in other markets later in the year.  The retail price is $71SGD which is about $50USD.

pandora-chinese-new-year-2016-piggy-bank-live1I’ve also got live shots from the lovely Patty Ng, please do not reproduce without crediting her.  It is indeed a piggy bank with a slot on the back, and a symbol of good luck.  Even though the pig is not the zodiac for 2016, I adore it since it is my zodiac animal and I’ve always collect cute little pigs.

Are you planning on getting this exclusive?


  • Alice Wonder

    It is a cute charm, my son was born in a pig year. I might get it 🙂

  • Michele

    Lucky pig is very popular in Chinese culture, you can give it as a wedding gift to bless the couple to have baby or good fortune. You can give it as a Chinese New Year gift or new born baby gift. This is not a zodiac year charm, Pandora has good Asian marketing team, this charm can sell any times.

  • Michele

    I don’t like to wear animal charm so I will skip it.

  • Et

    I was born in the year of the pig. I might be tempted!

    • Susana

      The chinese say it’s not the best year for natives. Keep an eye open.

  • Britta Bocala

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – anyway to get one in US?

  • Britta Bocala

    There is a trusted seller on Ebay from the Czech Republic selling them for 59 USD free shipping FYI.

  • Olivia Pidazo-Tan

    Hello, I’ve been given a Pandora bracelet last Christmas and I am starting to add to my collection. I can confirm that the CNY 2016 charm bead is also available in New Zealand. It is wrapped in a traditional Ampao red envelope. Sells for $59 NZD.

  • Susana

    Yes, absolutely! I already have a pig in my main (lucky) bracelet, but I’m going to be indulging on these. Most of the time if you do a quick internet search you’ll find them online in the european community, that’s how I came across my previous ones. That full bracelet is certainly a looker although most of the charms I already have. What’s that besides the flower pendant, a little house?

    • Rola

      On the left side it’s a little house and on the right side it’s a bag of money with the Chinese character that means “luck” on it

  • Rola

    This piggy bank is actually the cutest pig that I’ve ever seen among all the bead brands lol
    I was born in the year of pig so I’m definitely getting one!
    If anyone wants one I could do a pick up for you as well 🙂