Pandora Club Charm 2017 Contest

pandora-club-charm-2017-sneak-peekThis year’s Pandora Club Charm was just released but the brand is already looking forward to the next one!  Today they’ve kicked off a contest to choose the 2017 Club Charm from two designs.  Both of these are hearts, but one is a full bead while the other is a dangle.  They are accented by a small diamond and engraved with the year.  Here are their descriptions:

Option A: This exquisite design presents a new take on the iconic puffy heart charm. Crafted from polished sterling silver, it features a classic heart shape with embossed hearts, framing a genuine sparkling diamond on one side and the engraved words ‘Club 2017’ on the other.

Option B: This beautiful heart dangle is inspired by the tradition of vintage lockets. The front of the locket charm features a beautiful cut-out heart motif, delicately framing a genuine diamond. Inside the locket charm, the year ‘2017’ is revealed, written above the diamond. The twinkling diamond is also visible on the back of the locket charm, highlighted by an engraving of the word ‘Club’.

Personally, I like the dangle a bit more because it reminds me a locket, but both echo other charms in the Pandora line.  To vote, simply go to the Pandora Club website and log in to pick your favorite.  The deadline is June 15th so don’t miss your chance to participate.  It’s exciting to be able to see the choices and for sure it will be one of these two pieces!  Which one are you going to vote for?

  • Carol

    Definitely the Locket charm. I love lockets and it would be nice to have a dangle charm for a change!

  • Michele

    Dangle for change. I am building a Club charm only bracelet for fun.

  • Marie Allison

    I own the valentine’s day card charm and the my beautiful wife locket charm and they both do not stay shut and I’ve had them replaced 2-3 times. So I do not like the dangle charm.

    • Michele

      Oh! No. We have only two choice. Option is boring, just wait until 2017 to see it in person. I am tired of heart and paved charm, I am collecting silver and two toned retired charm.

      • Michele

        Option A is boring.

  • Ka Spa

    Personally I’m tired of hearts and I do not see the value of charms with dates on them. That’s just me. Yes, design some gold and silver charms like Pandora used to produce. Now, those were real keepsakes.