Pandora Club Charm 2015 Review

pandora-club-charm-2015-cover2Pandora released their second annual Club Charm a couple months ago and today brings a closer look at the bead.  In 2014, the brand introduced the first Club Charm which resembled their notable charm jewelry boxes.  I was excited by that design especially since it had an articulating lid which hid a tiny diamond.  Unfortunately, my initial reaction was not as positive to the second edition – a puffy heart with a crown.

I did not care for it as I didn’t find it unique and I generally don’t love heart motifs to begin with.  I really debated getting it or not, especially since the 2014 Club Charm showed up on Rue La La on clearance.  In the end I did get it during the last leather bracelet promo, since it is a limited edition.  It resembles the Princess charm except it is all silver (although I think two-tone would have been nicer).  The Pandora “O” is on one side with 2015 engraved and a diamond on the other.  The crown seems a bit small and not in proportion with the heart though.

It does seem like it is more limited this year, perhaps because the company did not produce as many.  There was also no redemption code making it was easily accessible; although on the flip side, I wonder what made it a special Pandora Club members exclusive then?  My Pandora Club Charm joined other special beads on my Pandora shopping inspired bangle.  Have you bought this charm?  What are your thoughts on its design and exclusivity?

  • Lozzie

    The only reason to buy this charm is if you had something special happen in 2015 and you want to charm with 2015 printed on it as a keepsake.

    Otherwise, its pretty pointless. Anyone can buy it.

  • Lola5

    I have this charm. My husband had heart surgery this year, so it marks that event. But also, I think it’s a nice continuation from last year’s charm–2014, the charm was in the box–2015, the charm is out of the box. 🙂

  • Ruthy

    I did not like the 2014 charm. I love the 2015 charm! My husband just gave it to me for my birthday!

  • Carol

    I so agree with you Leann. I was very underwhelmed by this charm. It would have been far more attractive with a gold crown. Pandora chose to use genuine diamonds which is definitely a nice touch, but with a significant percentage of Pandora fans who LOVE two tone charms, I am really surprised that they chose not to include some gold. It is, after all, a SPECIAL LE charm!

    • Margarita Nieves

      absolutly agree!

  • Sonya Narayan Subramaniam

    Absolutely love this charm. My first baby was born in April of this year so it was perfect for me and as you know diamond is April’s birthstone 🙂

  • Michelle

    Beautiful bangle Leann!!

  • Mary Jean Smith

    I love this charm, lol. It has a real stone, I love hearts, and I love the date on it. I like it so much more than everything they are offering in the new collections. I was so surprised that they did a little throwback with the diamond. I wish they would do more charms like this one. If the crown was gold, it would have been even better. I got a great deal with the promo as well. They did make a statement about it being truly limited; my store got 30 of them, I think, and that’s it.

  • Kaye Knkaye

    I also wonder what makes it special – i guess it’s the diamond. If you look at the new release, only the Club Charm has diamond – all other release are CZ.