Pandora Club Charm 2015 Debut

pandora-club-charm-2015-coverAlong with the Pandora Summer 2015 Collection, today is also the release of the Pandora Club Charm 2015! Last year, this tradition started with the 2014 Pandora box charm and this design is a puffy heart with a crown and a diamond on one side.  The brand is not doing anything to restrict the sale of the bead this year as it was not really successful at it with last year’s.  They had sent vouchers to their Pandora Club members via email to buy the charm, but most stores made it available for sale to everyone.

Honestly, I am not impressed with the design this year – it’s seems like they are recycling very similar motifs constantly and I would have loved to see something unique.  On the other hand, I do like limited editions so I’ll probably still end up buying it anyway, lol.  What do you think of this design?  Are you going to buy it?

  • Jennifer Hemstreet

    Last year was a nightmare buying the club charm. I had the email but they wanted the attachment opened up and the voucher shown. Cell service is always sketchy in that area for me, and it was taking forever for the attachment to open. They weren’t going to sell it to me and were so rude. I’m glad this year it’s a little easier!

    • Melora

      Last year’s charm is on rue la la right now 😉 that’s how special it is!

    • Lozzie

      The red tape was a bit ridiculous imo. Wasn’t really a special charm in the end anyway as anyone could buy it.

  • Annemarie

    Personally I love this 2015 club charm. Since Pandora has not done a
    Charm for the birth of the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte l have already purchased this charm, with the little crown and 2015 date l think it is perfect to commemorate her birth. The charm is nestled on my British themed bracelet by the C&W heart charm for Kate and Wills wedding, and the Royal baby Carriage for Prince George ‘s birth. Would love it if Pandora did an official Charm for Princess Charlotte though!

    • lori thompson

      Neat way to think of it!

      • Lozzie

        What an excellent idea Annemarie. Your bracelet sounds lovely.

    • Carol

      I am also very surprised that Pandora has not created an official charm to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte. I also think that since they chose to use a real diamond, they should have included some 14k gold! :/

    • Traci Bray

      I love that idea! 😉 I have a British bracelet and a heart themed, so I might have to get one more! 😉

  • lori thompson

    I bought it today. Wish the crown was gold.

    • Leann

      That would have been a nice addition!

  • Ally

    I think the design of this year’s club charm is rather lazy…just a heart with a little crown (that’s not even gold!). At least they should make it a bit more intricate, e.g. a heart that could open showing a diamond or logo with year 2015 inside (yes I am a fans of last year’s design)

  • Lozzie

    I am glad they have reduced the price of this year’s charm. It was overpriced last year. Undecided if I will buy it. if I have a special 2015, I would buy it as a memento of the year.

  • Shelley

    I truly don’t like this year’s charm. It lacks imagination and frankly the diamond does nothing for it. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it. I was waiting with excitement and now I’m just disappointed.

  • Pandora Princess

    If you are interested in getting the Club charm you might want to go ahead and contact your favorite Pandora store. My company has three Shop-in-Shops and we only received TEN charms per store and we cannot order any more. So, while there are no restrictions on who can buy, there is, in fact, a limited supply.

  • DMJ

    I was lucky. I got the charm for free.

    • Shannon Kimberly Tipton

      How can you get it for free??!!

  • DisneyBlingMama

    My local Ben Bridge at South Coast Plaza only got 2 of them, and I bought the last one.

  • A gem collector

    As much as it pained me to pay full price for this charm when I usually get my employee discount I do love it. I got the club charm for last year from my grandparents and I plan on collecting the lot of them.
    I love this charm because it’s a more sophisticated version of the two tone princess heart. I like the look of it but the fact that it literally says “princess” on it is a little much for me.

  • Giovanna

    Yes! Like this design better than last years!

  • carol

    I wont buy it. In general, i am buying a LOT less pandora and more Endless