Pandora Chinese New Year 2017 – LE Lion Dance

pandora-chinese-new-year-exclusive-2017Happy New Year, everyone!  I’m always astounded at how quickly the year passes by and 2016 was no exception.  This was our first holiday season where my son kind of knew what was going on so we went all out with decorations.  It was so cute watching him open all his presents, which he got doubles of since he’s got a birthday around Christmas too.

Turning to the first release of the year is the Pandora Chinese New Year charm which has become an annual tradition.  For 2017, the exclusive is called the Lion Dance, featuring an iconic symbol of luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.  The “lion” is manned by 2 people and is part of celebratory parades and other gatherings.  When it comes to you, you can put money in its month for good luck all year long.

In past years, the CNY charms have been Asian exclusives, but last year’s Red Lantern was available in most markets with the Spring 2016 Collection.  This one is so cute with a lot of red enamel and fine detailing outlining all the ornate swirls on the decorative lion.  It is available for $99SGD which is approximately $70USD, and is comparable to other heavily enameled Pandora charms.  These live shots are courtesy of my friend Patty Ng, and they’re even more beautiful than the stock photos!

Is this a design you’d like to see in your country?  Will you be trying to find one?

  • jae

    Yes, I have my fingers crossed that I can find one-This is the first CNY charm that is a definite must have for me-He is so cute & red!!! TY for the heads up, Leann-Always look forward to your posts

  • Sarah

    Yes! I would love to buy this beautiful bead, but don’t think we will be getting them in Canada….sigh

  • Michelle

    Happy New Year Leann! So glad to hear you and your family had a great holiday season.

  • Et

    Happy New Year Leann. Thank you for the update on the new CNY lion charm. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

  • Gladys Ramos

    Yes I’ll be looking for this dancing lion

  • Michele

    There is a Piggy Bank in Asia, very cute, you will like it. Lucky Cat is from Japan.

  • Pam LeVeille

    I would love to get a hold of the dancing lion. It is so cute!

    • Jamie-Lee

      If you need help getting this charm, email me at I have ordered for myself and 7 others from Pandora HK.

  • Alice Wonder

    Dancing lion is interesting bead, I will look at it in person first.

  • Courtney Schmidt

    Is this only released in the chinese market or is it available in the US market as well? Having a hard time finding and concrete information about it?

    • Jamie-Lee

      If you want, I can order for you.

  • Sya

    I’m from Malaysia and I just saw the dancing lion charm in the store yesterday. Very tempted to buy as it is a very beautiful and cute charm! It retails for RM289 here

  • Courtney Schmidt

    Really cute bead. Disappointed that it didn’t have a US release too.

  • Jamie-Lee

    I’ve ordered the Lion Dance and the Piggy today. Is the one you want called “Waving Cat Charm”?