Pandora Black Friday Charm Details


We’re just two weeks away from the exciting Black Friday charm reveal, and a wonderful Pandora fairy dropped this little gem in my inbox (photos below are also courtesy of the Pandora fairy)! Originally, when I posted this article I didn’t have a photo of the actual charm, so I created my own mockup.  But I always prefer showing an actual picture.  🙂 Like all early accounts of the charm, it is a silver present with red enamel ribbon.  There is no year engraved on the bead and a Pandora “Ô” tag from the top.  The price is $55 and the charm comes in this cute little box (see inset).  As many of you have astutely noticed, it looks exactly like the “All Wrapped Up in PANDORA” charm that’s coming out next Spring except with bright red enamel (and the tag?).

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The bracelet set is $200 and includes a bracelet, 2 twinkle twinkle clips, and the 2012 black Friday charm (BFC).  The set comes with a larger box, that was originally featured in the Iconic bracelet promo email.

My first reaction to the BFC was quite underwhelming; this exclusive limited edition North American charm doesn’t seem very special to me.  Although, I suppose the same can be said of last year’s BFC which was just a different color of an existing bead.  I’ll be getting this set anyways though, just label something limited edition/country-exclusive and I’ll shell out the cash every time :P.

  • Janet L.

    Hi Leann…so am I understanding correctly that the BFC alone will come in the porcelain box and the bracelet set with Twinkle clips etc will come in the larger box?

    • Leann

      That’s right, Janet. But neither of the boxes (small or large) are porcelain. The porcelain jewelry box is for Valentine’s promos :).

      • Janet L.

        Thank you Leann…I think we must have been typing at the same time 😀

  • Janet L.

    nevermind! LOL…I see that the porcelain box is for Valentine’s Day 🙂

  • Miss G

    Which kind of porcelain box comes with the Valentine promotion, do you know? I’m definitely getting the Black Friday charm for my holiday bracelet. I bought 4 red fascinating Muranos for color so the gift charm is a perfect match.

    Do you know the specific promotion where they offer the Christmas Ornament?

  • RachelJo

    Totally called that one!
    I should go buy a lottery ticket today!

  • Sharon

    I just called an authorized Pandora seller. They said the black friday offerings were a charm the same as last years (hearts) but with 2012 on it. The iconic bracelet set, which has 2 clips with swirl designs (not new) and one bead up to 35.00. I asked and they said the star clips were not part of the Black Friday offering. (I did not ask about rings) Several blogs reported star clips. I am quite confused.

    • Leann

      Hi Sharon, I have it from several sources (and indeed my own eyes) that this is what this year’s BFC is going to look like. Sometimes I feel like the stores don’t always have the right information…I stopped by a store-in-store the other day to ask about the release time for this charm and they didn’t even know they were getting one this year. :/

      • Tao

        The Iconic Set will come with 2 S-clips and a charm of your choice worth $35 dollars or less.

        The Black Friday will come with 2 Twinkle-Twinkle clips, a present with red-enameled ribbon charm, and a silver bracelet. They are packed in Pandora Leather round box, with slots to put charms. I actually saw them. This set is tempting because everything screams ‘SPECIAL’!!!

  • Elyse

    Thanks Leann for this -it is exactly as I was picturing it.
    I too will buy it-I just wish they had continued with dating them but it is what it is.
    I recall someone saying they would have liked a whole bracelet of just dated BF charms and I thought that sounded really cool.

  • Juanita Haney

    Beads are one of my passions. Your rendition is awesome tks so much

  • Pamela Percoco Fortman

    Well I guess we can have a date put on it. I am very disappointed in the charm
    especially now that they are releasing a pink wrapped one in the Spring.

    • Leann

      I agree, Pamela. But I hope the tag is exclusive to the BFC!

      • Angela

        Tag , is that what that is, the piece hanging from the top far right? What’s the point ?thats where the date should have gone I hope it wont look like a blob of enamel hanging off the side.

      • Leann

        I believe the tag is loose, like on the polar bear dangle. I actually think that’s the best part about this charm ;).

    • Angela

      Pamela I totally agree with you. Why can’t they just release an exclusive BFC with a date for maybe $75.00 that does not have 2 or 3 variations of it. The package with bow and date in 1 color for $95 I would buy. I would even pay extra for the useless trinket box. Yes I want and would love a bracelet with 5-10-15-20…. DATED …BF charms .

      Thinking of how excited we are at decorating time when we get the ornaments out and how precious especially the dated ones are. My dated bracelet would have been the same , Pandora is sure shortsighted.

      • Elyse

        So agree, Angela.
        I’m hoping Pandora has completly fooled us and there is a date on the other side of the little dangle tag.

      • Francine

        Angela, I enjoy reading your comments. They are usually spot on. Instead of trinket boxes, I wished they would have put that money towards a dated charm. I must admit that I do like the BFC. I didn’t think that I would. I still dont know if I like it enough to buy it. I like last years just ok. I would have liked it better if they would have made all the hearts gold. I know that would have pushed the price up. BTW, glad that you love your RBF clogs.

  • Angela

    Off topic but am so excited got my Redbal clogs this evening.. Still woo wooing. You were right hey are gorgeous, the detail is amazing I prefer to buy charms that are heavy on the silver content with not as much art work as they are costly and the detail is never clear to the naked eye like Trolls Transitional man/woman. The clogs are huge, cannot believe the size they are approximately 10 grams for less than $30. They are so worth the money.
    Also got my Troll Indian Elephant he is 7 grams and beautiful. By comparison of size the 3 Monkeys charm weights 3 grams and the Babys Breath charm weights about 1 gram. In comparison to all other SS charms Redbali charms are truly economically priced. and I do love her work, can’t wait for her new bracelet and charms.

    • Leann

      I’m so glad you got the right clogs! Aren’t they darling? The price point is awesome for *redbalifrog*; you are going to love the holiday collection! 😀

      • Angela

        Oh ,Please do tell…..will you be authorized to do a preview article before the actual launch?

      • Leann

        Not a preview article, Angela. But I’ll have an article ready to post for the release :).

  • Sara

    Will the Black Friday deal be available online?

    • Leann

      I think it was only available in stores last year, but you could probably order it by phone. 🙂

  • Tornadogirl

    My hubby bought me the 2011 BFC for our wedding anniversary and I love it! I was really looking forward to getting one each year to mark the occasion but unfortunately they didn’t date it…so I think I’m going to sit this one out. But thanks for posting Leann…as always, you totally rock!!!! 🙂

    • Leann


  • Jane Merrington

    Really pleased with the BF this year… others are slating it because it doesn’t have a year on it but it’s such a cute charm I don’t really care…. Thanks Leann for posting an actual pic of it… had pre-ordered one before seeing it anyway but it’s good to know I will definitely like it…. It looks like it’s a darker red on the ribbon too which will work well with my bracelet…. I’m one happy bunny! Can’t wait for it to arrive now…. (thanks to Mary Madigan who has kindly pre-ordered me one)

  • Becky Bella

    Very nice!!!!!! I can barely wait to get this charm!!

  • Sharon

    Do the redbalifrog charms fit on a Pandora bracelet?

    • Leann

      They sure do, Sharon! Here’s a general look at *redbalifrog*

  • kelcie

    I like it! But personally, not for black friday. Last years charm fit back friday a lot better with the black and gold hearts and engraving. This is great for christmas though

  • Brianne Adkins

    I liked last years BFC a lot. Even though the style was similar to other beads it was 2 tone and had the year engraved 🙂 I like this one I just wish it wasn’t so Christmas themed…on the other hand it just gave me the idea of a “Years Past” bracelet ….with all of the BFC’s…to wear during the holidays 🙂

  • Ashley

    I’ve said this soooooo many times….Pandora needs a “suggestion box” that we can either mail/email/text them what WE would like to see in charms. They might read them or they might not but at least we as customers will feel better giving some needed direction! 🙂

  • Liza

    Am considering this as my 1st pandora purchase but have heard the bracelets tend to get tarnished in this boxes. Is this true?

    • Leann

      That’s right – I’ve heard that the glue in the box tarnishes the charms faster. Also, the boxes trap moisture so make sure to store them elsewhere :).

      • Elin

        Try putting first the Pandora polishing cloth inside the box before you put your charm bracelet. It worked for me! That’s also handy storage for your polishing cloth as I tend to misplace mine 🙂
        Thanks Leann for posting the limited edition charm. I’m still undecided to get this one as I live in the land of Oz. Currently in Australia we have 5 one off pandora watches designed by 5 iconic Australian Women, it’s for charity auction see

      • Leann

        I just saw this today, Elin! I will have to do a post about it ;).

  • Nathan

    I am a guy who is obsessed with pandora and have several bracelets filled. Most of my charms are silver and two-tone and have some with enamels and when I saw the black Friday charm being a present box I was dispointed ! I don’t have hearts on my bracelets but the 2011 black Friday charm seems so much more nicer then this years charm! I am still getting one because it’s limited but wished it was something else ….

    • Leann

      Welcome, Nathan! I completely understand your sentiment; hopefully it’ll look better in person. The red is going to be hard for me to fit in, but I might just have it as an accent color since the holiday bracelet I’m doing is pale blue. 🙂

  • Veronica

    I am loving this charm, and I’m so happy and thankful you posted this 🙂 It’s hilarious because I just placed a big order with Perlen and I know I’m stopping by Pandora next week to pick up this little beauty of a charm (love that tag!) and another bead just for moi 🙂

    • Leann

      It never ends, Veronica ;).

  • i

    I am wondering is there at least a certificate available for this charm so it shows it is limited addition and for 2012? The pandora jeweler in Nova Scotia said there were only 100 made of this particular charm….is this correct?

    • i

      i am talking about the Black Friday charm…shown on your web site

    • Leann

      There is no certificate like last year. There is definitely more than 100 made. My store alone received 200. 🙂

  • jeni

    The black friday charm i bought at a local jewelry store does not come with a certificate of any type, nor was it offered. I think its just supposed to be noted as LI, because it will have the red ribbon and the dangly piece which i think is supposed to look like that tag that says to: from:

    I took the liberty to buy it for my next years xmas bracelet, i dont have the plain present, so this one is the one i’ll have on it