Pandora Black Friday Charm 2016 Sneak Peek

pandora-black-friday-2016-poinsettiaThis is probably the earliest we’ve been able to get a look at the exclusive Black Friday Charm!  It is called Poinsettia and will be released on November 25th.  This bead is has 8 points, 80 red micro-pavé set CZ, 24 red bead set CZ, and 2 white cubic zirconia.  “2016” is engraved on the side right above the core.  It looks to be an openworks charm with no threading.

The Black Friday Charm has been a tradition for Pandora North America and is a limited edition design.  It will only be available in the US and Canada, so international fans will have to find a friend to buy it for them.  It usually comes with a special box as well, although I don’t have a photo of that.  This sneak peek is courtesy of Pandora’s Angels and edited by me so please do not reproduce without crediting both.

What do you think of this design?  Are you excited for it this fall?


    I am not impressed with the Black Friday charm unfortunately. Think I’ll be looking to add something a little different when I see what the Fall/Winter lines look like.

    • Cathleen H

      Agree! I think Pandora is overly pavéing their charms and many lack details or design; all you see is the bling bling sparkle.

  • Mikalah J Cook-Price

    I’m not impressed, my all time favorite Black Friday charm was the 2011 one. I wish they would stick to their more detailed charms. I’m not a fan of heavily paved pieces.

  • jae

    I love it!!! Although I wish it wasn’t so ‘blingy’, I appreciate the design and I will certainly be getting this one

  • jae

    PS Thanks, Leann, for the info and pic

  • Carol Kelly

    Not a fan of the new poinsettia. Looks really cheap. So sick of pave look.

    • Cathleen H

      Agree! Too much pavé for the past year.

  • Pandoraca

    i love it. i will be putting it on a bracelet that i am creating with all pave´ charms. i really like how detailed and beautiful Pandoras cz charms look. they look expensive, not cheap at all. i especially like the dark colored ones.

  • CarolinaWings

    I agree, Pandora’s paves are elegant and incredibly sparkly. This is gorgeous and so festive, can’t wait to see it “in person.”

  • Michele

    Not what I like to spend.

  • Jane Puccini

    I will have to see this in person but I love and adore my paves! My girlfriend and I have bought many of them!

  • 郭小云

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