Pandora birthstone rings

When I first saw the birthstone rings earlier in the year, I wasn’t super excited about them because I’m not really into single stoned rings.  But then I started seeing pictures of these stacked and they looked amazing!  There are 12 in all, one for each month’s birthstone and you can combine them in any manner you like.  I think Pandora did a great job with these colors, you really can’t go wrong with any combination.  For me, 3-4 looks about right unless you have nice long tapered fingers.  I don’t, so 4 is about as many as I can get away with ;).

I choose my favorite color green (peridot = August), my birthday (pink opal = October), my husband’s birthday (carnelian = July), and my fur baby’s birthday (amethyst = February).  I think they look wonderful together.  Some of the stones are transparent and others look opaque, I like the transparent stones better.  Apparently, Pandora doesn’t make their rings in some sizes, so I had to go up to 8.5 for these rings.  You need to get them a little looser because the stacking will make your fingers swell a bit.

I also had a hard time finding them in stores because I guess they’re not super popular.  My concept store had to order these in for me; at $45 a ring, I’m surprised they don’t sell better.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that the stone sits high up off the ring, but when they’re stacked together, it’s less noticeable.  These rings are really unique, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them.  🙂