Pandora Bestsellers of 2012 (Part 1)

pandora_bestselling_2012_collageAs the year ends (where did the time go?), we take a look back at 2012 and the best selling charms of the year for North America!  I think there are some surprises included here, but maybe not.  I had taken a look through the most popular charms up to the Floral Nostalgia collection – spring/summer 2012.  This post fills in that gap since the last two large collections have been released.  It looks like the fall/winter 2012 charms have resonated well with consumers, at least in the US and Canada.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 25 charms of the year, beginning with number 25-13.

pandora-mom-bead 25.  Mom charm: I don’t know why I’m surprised that the MOM charm makes another appearance in the bestselling charms for 2012 since it appeared in the top 10 bestsellers charms of all time prior to this year’s releases.  This is a two-tone bead accented with salmon CZs and the letters M-O-M encircling the outside.  I suspect that the April/May mother’s day promotion which included this charm, largely attributed to its popularity this year as well.

pandora-picking-daisies-openworks24.   Picking Daisies: I love the openworks charms – not only are they designed well, their price point makes them even more attractive.  This is one of my favorites from the Floral Nostalgia spring/summer 2012 release and it’s actually about 25% bigger than the other openwork charms.  I have it as a focal piece on my leather cord necklace, I quite like it!

pandora-red-fascinating23.  Red Fascinating Murano: these glass beads are some of the best that Pandora has to offer.  They’re definitely one of my favorites Murano collection; the colors are incredibly rich on these charms and the facets reflect the light so beautifully.   I’m tempted to get all the Fascinating Muranos, but for now I have 3 out of the 6.  I would love to see more colors added to this collection!

pandora-key-to-my-heart22.  Key to My Heart: it’s no surprise that this all silver version of the original two-tone key to my heart charm is popular with customers!  The original topped the charts at #23 and that was with the two-tone price tag.  There is just something so sweet about this little charm, with the key dangle it’s a perfect representation of being with the one you love.  The dangle is a bit long and I’m always afraid it’s going to get snagged, but so far so good!

pandora-ribbon-of-hope21.  Pink Ribbon Murano: introduced with the fall 2012 collection in raising awareness for breast cancer, a portion of proceeds from the pink ribbon Murano goes towards the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Pandora has been an avid and regular sponsor of this charity which is committed to finding a cure for this terrible disease that affects women all over the world.

pandora-sunburst-clip20.  Sunburst clip: makes another appearance in this bestsellers list.  This simple yet elegant design is perfect for any bracelet.  There is also a two-tone version, with a gold dot in the middle which is another popular clip.  Clips are especially important to balance out the weight on your bracelet and also to keep the charms from getting caught on the threads.

pandora-all-aboard-cruise-ship19.  All Aboard Cruise Ship: arriving in the fall, this charm is at the top of my wishlist!  The details on this bead are truly remarkable, you can see that there’s a pool and umbrellas. I can’t wait to get this charm, but I’m saving it though as I want to get it as a momento from my next cruise.  I absolutely adore cruises and can’t wait for the next one!

pandora-purple-vintage-spacer 18. Purple Vintage Floral Enamel spacer: released in the fall, this little spacer is a great substantive spacer.  The enamel is wrapped around the bead with less color in the middle allowing the metal to show through and featuring the wonderful lace design.  While the purple is a bestseller for this year, this spacer is also available in grey/black and brown.

pandora-wanderlust17.  Wanderlust: another fantastic addition to the openworks collection, this beauty was released in the fall and one of the most elegantly designed charms.  The design is so delicate and the shape is more oblong than spherical like the other openwork charms.  This charm is also available in a gold version – one of the few gold charms released this season.

pandora-s-cilp16. S clip: is a Pandora staple and makes another appearance on the bestseller list.  This clip is part of the Iconic bracelet gift set which could have lead to its place here on this countdown. These clips were one of the first pairs that I purchased and is a great place to start.  I generally choose the same two clips for one bracelet but many ladies mix-and-match as well.

pandora-lucky-cat15.  Lucky Cat: one of my favorites from the fall collection, and one of my first purchases of the season as well! I absolutely adore the maneki-neko, waving cat, for the good fortune that it brings and also, I remember these statues in the Chinese restaurants that my family and I would eat at (and still do!).  The cat has a small bit of pink enamel which makes it a bit hard to match, but it is a classic depiction of the good luck charm.

pandora-life-saver14.  Life Saver: medical personnel have been asking for charm to represent their profession for ages, and Pandora has answered with the introduction of the caduceus charm! Unfortunately, nurses were not very happy since the caduceus is a symbol of doctors.  I’d love to see a charm for the legal profession!

pandora-piece-of-my-heart13. Piece of My Heart: this was one of the charms I was most looking forward to with the spring collection, and I was not disappointed!  The two parts of the dangle can be worn together or separately.  I choose to give a set to my mom and keep a set for myself (I couldn’t stand to separate them).  A wonderful mother’s day gift, I’m not surprised it made the list.

This list got a bit long so I decided to split up the list into two parts.  Look for the rest of the countdown tomorrow!

  • Veronica

    I own most of these charms AND the clips 😀 Love this post!

    • Leann

      Me too, Veronica! I guess great minds think alike ;).

  • Tammoda

    I have more than one bracelet and there are times I like to wear both at the same time. My daughter explain only one should be worn at a time? What do u think? I thought as long as they match n colors ….no big deal…. but not sure there a rule about this?

    • Leann

      Hi Tammoda, there is absolutely no rule here! Wear it how you like it :). I usually wear two on my right wrist and one with my watch on the left.

    • Veronica

      I’m currently wearing 2 silvers and 1 leather on one wrist. I call it my “arm party” look 😀

  • Farah

    The life saver bead is the reason why I started pandora! 😀 I saw ohm beads has a caduceus too, I’m thinking of buying that one but it kind of seems a shame to have 2 of those charms, especially when they both look completely different.
    I’m surprised that it’s a popular bead though, I don’t think many people who aren’t in the medical business would buy it…

    • Leann

      It’s a great charm, one of the only professions’ beads available. I think a lot of people get it to symbol a person in their life who works in the medical field too? 🙂