Pandora Bangle Review featuring the LE Circle of Love

pandora-bangle-coverIt’s been almost a full year since Pandora first introduced their circular bangle and while I’ve offered my initial thoughts before, I’ve held off on writing a full review until I’ve had enough time to test and play with it.  It came out last summer and is only available in silver at the same price as the traditional bracelet. Initially, I planned on using the bangle the same way as the bracelet, but I soon found that filling it completely was uncomfortable to wear so I was at a loss for a while on what to do with it.  The first time I got really excited about putting charms on the bangle was when I saw my Pandora store manager wearing a tastefully spaced out one with smaller dangles; since then I’ve worn my bangles almost every day and I love stacking it too!

For my bangles, I’ve kept them somewhat empty but filled with smaller charms and dangles spaced with clips.  I like stacking them with the traditional bracelets and they’re easy to wear.  Because of the “metal memory” the other end springs back together after putting it on and off, although I have had ones that don’t do that as well, so be sure to check it in the store when you’re purchasing it.  There’s a couple other ways to wear the bangles too, that the staffers showed us on the Pandora Cruise; you can place another clip on the end threading and create a cuff bracelet, or link a bunch of them together for a twisted stack look.  Not all clips can be used on the end threading but most of the spherical or newer clips work.

Since there’s no threading on the bangle, Pandora has silicone U-stoppers which can be placed underneath the clip to hold it in place.  Unfortunately, I’m not impressed with their stoppers since they don’t maintain a tight hold, I still prefer to use the silicone O-rings underneath the clips, or just by themselves, to space out the charms.  I don’t find that the charms get stuck on the end thread as much as the regular bracelet though, since it’s curved rather than straight.

The Circle of Love bangle is a limited edition product released for this Mother’s Day.  There are different promotions in different countries, and in North America there is a porcelain box GWP (exclusive to the US and Canada) that comes with it.  This bangle features a special pink heart pavé clasp; the pink is a lighter shade than the pink Love of My Life clip and matches the new pink pavé heart charm.  The CZ crystals are only on one side, not both though, the back of the clasp has the regular Pandora logo clasp.  This is technically only available through May 11th, but usually retailers will sell them until their inventory is exhausted.

All in all, I’ve been very pleased with the Pandora bangle even though I had reservations on its shape and versatility when I first got it.  While the bangle was only available in concept stores at first, by fall 2013 it was included as part of the free bracelet promo.  Since then I’ve gotten quite a few of the bangles, as they look great worn with and without charms.  Are you a fan of the bangle?  How do you wear yours?

  • Terry

    I wear mine with three charms and I would wear mine with either my essence bracelet or with my completed bracelet. I’ve never actually stacked all my bracelets together.

    • Leann

      They’ll look great either way :). You can’t go wrong!

  • Marisela

    I like to use clips and openworks with silicone O-rings, in the same way Chamilia’s oval bangles have these metallic stoppers. I usually group no more than 6 or 7 charms in a bangle. Dangles definitely shine on these bangles. I like to stack them with black cord bracelets in order to make some contrast, but no more than 3 or 4.

    • Leann

      I completely agree, dangles are so cute on these! The clips are a must for these :).

      • Marisela

        Here’s how I was wearing them today. Notice that I used O rings to separate the charms in the cord bracelet between the bangles.

      • Leann

        Very nice! I love your stack :D.

  • koolchicken

    I love the mother/son dangle and I wear that with a blue trinity spacer in between the halves. It looks great next to my son’s bracelet (teal, blue, and green).

    • Leann

      Very cute, I love that color! 🙂

  • Melinda Deyhle

    I really like the bangle, but I think I am going to wait until the upcoming promo and get one for free!

    • Leann

      Good idea ;). The bracelet promos are the way to go! 🙂

      • Melinda Deyhle

        They are just too good to pass up.

  • Holly

    Does anyone find the bangle getting scratched, either from threaded beads or stacking? Thank you!

    • Charmer

      Yes, I have lots of scratches on my bangle. I wear it with the two tone key to my heart charm. I have not tried any o rings or u shaped stoppers, but it seems like a good idea. My charm slides around. I usually wear the bangle with several other Pandora bracelets, two of which are almost completely filled. I do like the bangle because it is easy to wear, but I suppose the stacking and the charm sliding scratches it up quite a bit. Nevertheless I see a couple more in my future at the next free bracelet promo in the fall.

      • Leann

        Yes, that was one big complaint when the bangle first came out was that it got scratched easily. But since it’s high polished, it can’t be avoided :(. I don’t mind though so I still stack them with my other bracelets! 🙂

    • Leann

      The bangle doesn’t stretch.

  • Jen Tab

    Hi Leann, really enjoyed that review! I like the bangle a lot. I have one with a black/clear crystal theme with 7 charms on it. I usually stack that one with my 5 clip station bracelet with the same theme. It looks so cute! I have a empty bangle that I stack with a full bracelet, and I just got the Circle of Love bangle. So far I’ve been stacking it with a pink/purple bracelet-in-progress which looks good together with the complimentary colors. Might add some charms to it later, but right now I’m liking it the way it is.

    • Leann

      Thanks! I love how versatile the bangle is, it can be stacked with all sorts of different bracelets. 😀

  • CarolinaWings

    I love my bangle and usually wear it without charms, stacked with just about anything. For spring I got a pink leather double wrap and put a cherry blossom dangle on it, and wear it with my bangle. Love your impressive “twisted stack” of bangles Leann!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Carolina! They look great without charms – so versatile! 🙂

  • jahndra

    I love my bangles as well, I keep tj charm free and stack them with my leathers and regular snake chain bracelet. However I don’t love the limited edition bangle. I wish the heart was a pinker heart, this goes as well for the new pink pave heart, thought it was going to be pinker. Very disappointed with it as it’s so subtle you can barely tell it’s pink. It almost looks like a dirty clear pave heart.

    • Leann

      I think it looks better in the light, the pink is a softer subtle shade, but you can still tell it’s pink. I thought it was going to be the darker one too, but I don’t mind it too much :).

  • Laila Cox

    Hi Leann. I love your ideas. Can you tell me where you buy the silicone o rings from? Thanks

  • Denise

    I tend to wear my two bangles – hello free bracelet promos! – without charms. But lately I’ve been putting clips on the very ends of the bangle, where the clasp is. The bangle can hold a clip on either side, at the threaded bit! I do the same with my multi strand. 🙂

    And Laila, ask your Pandora seller for them; mine gave me four so I could play around with various designs!

    • Leann

      Very cool! You can definitely wear it with a clip on the end, then you can use it as a cuff bracelet ;).

  • Irina Smolina

    Mine bracelet just broken yesterday! Nothing special – just wear it for two days…broken in place where connection is..:( lost two charms – they fall off from bangle:( feeling terrific 🙁 will go to pandora ask about replacement..

    • Leann

      Yikes! I hope they will replace it for you. That sucks :(.

  • bakersdozen12

    The only thing that disappointed me about the LE bangle when I finally got mine is that the heart is only on one side, not on both sides like the clip. I would prefer both because sometimes it will twist around while wearing it and then you can’t see the heart.

    • Leann

      Aww, I was sad about that too. I expected it to be on both sides too :/.

  • rightleft

    That’s weird. I am looking at the pictures above that shows 3 Nostalgic Romance charms on a bangle. I have three of those charms and I couldn’t get them on the bangle since they are much larger than regular charms and the curve of the bangle prevented me from getting them on without forcing them or wrecking the bangle.

    • Leann

      Oh, I know what you mean. I’m not sure how they did it, but maybe some bangles are more flexible than others?

  • ami han

    I went to a pandora store and they told me that it’s only recommended to have 5-7 charms on it just like the leather one because the bangles are hollow and if I use more than that amount of charms, I’d be held liable if it breaks and if i lose my charms as a result of it. I’ve already contacted pandora corporate USA to confirm this but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Can someone verify this? It really sucks when i purchased 16 charms over 2 weeks and am told they won’t accept a refund based on this new information they told me because many of their store employees have seen me wear the bracelet….

    • Leann

      That is not true at all. I’ve been told by many Pandora sources that the bangle can be completely filled. That’s not my preference though because of the shape of the bangle but the weight of the charms is not going to stretch it out of shape. I’d try another store since they seem unhelpful and disseminating wrong information.

  • scy385

    I noticed that in the picture of the Love of My Life clips there was one that was a light pink and the other was hot pink. My husband just got me the hot pink one and I took the bracelet that it was on to be cleaned at the local Pandora store. The hot pink clip immediately caught the attention of the clerk because she had not seen it. The store carried the light pink one, but not the hot pink. I got scared because it occurred to me that maybe my husband had not bought an actual Pandora even though that’s not like him. The clerk and the manager checked the clip, as I did, and found it to be authentic. I just wondering if there was something special about this particular clip? Was it a special event item or something? Anybody know?

    • Leann

      That’s interesting! There is some difference in the color but shouldn’t be too much. There was only one pink clip so they should be the same.