Pandora Autumn/Winter 2016 Sneak Peek

pandora-autumn-winter-2016-sneak-peek-youyourwedding2More exciting previews as we have a sneak peek at the next big Pandora releases!  The Spring/Winter 2016 Collection has already debuted at the jewelry trade show in Las Vegas in the beginning of June, but there has been hardly any photos that have leaked.  Fortunately, there was also a press preview in the UK last week and I was able to get a few shots from social media!

I don’t have much information on the new collections yet, and the pieces are hard to make out.  However, it is clear that Pandora will be introducing a new necklace concept based off of the popular Origami Owl.  The locket can hold small charms which I assume will be sold separately.  Honestly, I haven’t been a fan of this concept and disappointed that Pandora would so blatantly copy another brand’s designs.

The photos are not super clear and there aren’t any closeups but it does look like a lot of aesthetic designs.  Though, I can see a new style of bangle, an open bracelet with two Pandora Signature charms as the endcaps.  What can you discern from these photos?  Are you interested in the locket concept?

  • Jackie R Oz

    Would definitely be interested at looking at the new open style bangle if it is oval shaped

  • Pandoraca

    it looks like a new two toned clasped snake chain bracelet with a new safety chain in the next to the last photo. looks nice, wonder if its the clip or silicone style.

  • DisneyBlingMama

    So NOW they’re jumping on the Origami Owl floating locket bandwagon? Interesting if it’ll be the first sterling silver one on the market.

  • Sarah Hobbs

    I have an Origami Owl locket and I like it. While I’m surprised Pandora is releasing their own version, I’m excited about the possibilities. I’d love to see some Pandora Disney charms that would fit into the locket. And I like the idea of having a sterling steel locket instead of stainless steel.

  • Alice Wonder

    I see many crystals as usual with all recent relaeases. I kind of like open bangle idea. How thick is the locket? If it hold round charm, it needs to be pretty thick.

  • Lynn

    What’s going on with Pandora? Continuing the emphasis on CZs. Copying both the charm locket and an open bangle which resembles Chamilia’s. 🙁

  • Lesley Watson

    I have been collecting Pandora for many years and although I have some pave charms I am so over the new designs that seem to be just pave, too many hearts and too much pink. I have now moved on to Troll and RBF and Ohm as well, at least they have exciting new releases.

  • Michele

    I only collect Pandora for 15 months and feel boring. Recently I like Trollbead more.

  • Michele

    I am collecting retired discounted price 2 tone and silver Pandora.

    • Zhanna Koroleva

      Hi Michele, does the Niagara outlet have a good choice of retired beads? Thinking of visiting them this summer..


      • Carol Kelly

        In regards to the Niagara Pandora outlet…we go once a month and it can be really great. It is hit and miss for sure. Sign up on their Facebook page and then you will know when they have specials and new shipments!!!!

      • Zhanna Koroleva

        Thank you!!

      • Michele

        I go to Cookstown once a month, 45 minutes driving. I am their regular customer, Pandora Outlet has a lot of retired item. They have their own promotion, I got free leather & fabric bracelet & bangle, free 14K murano glass, X’mas oranment. Everything at least 30% off.

      • Carol Kelly

        I think the best prices are on rue la la.

      • Michele

        I enjoy to shop in actual shop for fun. I am Cookstown Outlet regular customer, SA will text me if new retired items in. Outlet store has much more retired item than in Rue La La, 4 full display box of retired charms. Outlet has own promotion, I got one 14K murano glass free when you buy 2 30% off retired charms, you got one retired multi strand round clasp bracelet free if you spend Can $125 for discounted retired items. Outlet store open everyday for your convenience, super deal during promotion. I won’t shop on Rue La La within limited time under stress. I am very lucky to live close by Pandora outlet.

      • Carol Kelly

        Wow, great deal on the gold muranos. I may have to take a road trip to cooks town. Thanks for the info.

      • Michele

        Check on their Facebook for promotion. It was a big surprise to get a free 14K murano, discounted price $120.

      • Carol Kelly

        How long ago was the gold murano promo on? Thanks again

      • Michele

        In January, SA told me buy 2 retired charms get a free bead same value. I bought 2 two tone Lazy Daisy clips $80 each. The 14k murano just reduced to $80, lucky day.

      • Carol Kelly

        You did great. I have nave seen the gold muranos that cheap. I have only one of those a cream swirled one. The lazy daisy clips go with a lot and look so fun for summer.

      • Michele

        They reduced Brown Mystic murano to $80 but other still $120 so I picked Brown Mystic as a free bead. I will wait for next buy 2 retired bead get 1 free for 14k murano, I like it.

      • Michele

        I went to Outlet last week, oh! Many recent retired items in all 30% off, if you spend $125 get free single leather retired bracelet, I got two red leather bracele free. I bought 2 two tone Flower clips, Vanity Mirror, Cup & Saucer. There are one display retired Gold charm, very tempted. I think Rue La la is for customer who don’t have outlet around. I an very happy to shop in Outlet store when they have promotion

      • Michele

        I had only been there once last summer, I got 2013 LE Bear and Flowrt basket. I usually go to Cooktown Tanger Outley I got tons of retired charms there and free gift. Call first!

      • Zhanna Koroleva

        Thanks a lot, Michele!

  • Michele

    Chopard Happy Diamond line has small diamonds and orament moving inside their watch and pendant for very long time.

  • jae

    I’ve had a floating locket for many years now that my son bought at Hallmark for my birthday-While I like it very much (and more bcz it was so out of character for my son to buy me jewelry), once it’s filled, that’s it so I’m not impressed with this-Why doesn’t Pandora go back to the fabulous, intricate silver creations they were famous for???

  • Michelle Moats

    I love the Christmas charms! I find them to be so detailed and more like Pandora’s classic essence.

  • Angelina Jolie

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