Pandora Autumn 2013 Jewelry Prices and Live Shots

pandora-autumn-2013-cover3The Pandora Autumn 2013 Collection, titled Enchanting, has an official release date of September 2nd. But as with their previous collections, it is anticipated that stores will receive their inventory much earlier than that, as soon as the end of this month or more likely early to mid-August. In addition to the charms for this season, I’ve been extremely excited for the jewelry pieces coming out as well. It’s one of the best that Pandora has designed and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!

Now taking a look at the prices (in USD) on these and a few live action shots, I can adequately budget my purchases.  The Forest Trinity is still at the top of my to-buy list and will probably be my first purchase from this release.  The Birds of a Feather collection is stunning, as are the Glamorous Elegance and Vintage Allure sets but the prices are not cheap. The multi-strand fabric cords are very affordable, on the other hand. I’m so glad they decided to add a clasp to this style, as the regular lariats are not functional for me to wear.

These live photos (courtesy of Lynda Leonard and Marina Vekshina) show how big the jewelry is to scale, and they are indeed quite large. These designs seem to be a departure from Pandora’s delicate stylings as they’re definitely statement pieces, and with the increase in material comes an bump in price point.  Even so, I know I’ll be flying into the store as soon as they get their stock and collection can not be released soon enough for me! What’s at the top of your list?

  • Nataly Paquin

    Really exciting by this collection! And I am also waiting for the new RBF birds collection in a month ! Will do a birds and feather theme bracelet 🙂

    • Leann

      Fun! Really love the feather jewelry, but worried they might be a bit big for my ears. The ring is a must have though!

  • Janet L.

    I’m very excited to try the new cord bracelets, khaki in particular!…I’m thinking that the forest trinity pendant along with the khaki bracelet just might be my first purchase!

    • Leann

      That will be stunning! Love the new cords, I’ll probably get black though :).

  • Ashley

    Awww how sweet! September 2nd is mine and my hubby’s thirteenth Wedding Anniversary! I’m excited about the charms more than I am about the jewelry Pandora has coming out. But I do love that Vintage Allure ring I must say! 🙂

    • Leann

      Wow! I guess I know what you’re getting for your anniversary :D. It’ll probably be out before then, but maybe your hubs will just have to make you wait.

      • Ashley

        Hehe! 😉

  • Carissa

    I will definitely be getting the birthday bloom earrings, the cord bracelets and maybe the Allure earrings. I’m excited! By any chance, do you know how big or how small are the birthday bloom earrings? Thanks!

    • Leann

      You can see how they are in the live shots, Carissa. They’re studs though so I don’t think that big, maybe as big as the stone is in the rings. 🙂

      • Ashley

        I hope you’re right in that they are small as in an actual stud, that’s what I would want. 🙂 Aquamarine.

  • Filipa

    The Vintage Allure studs are just beautiful! My birthday is in steptember 7th so is just perfect! 🙂
    The price is a little bit higher than i expected thow… 🙁

    • Leann

      They are pricey :/. The cost of having more material, I suppose. Loving the vintage allure set too :D.

  • Jordan

    I love the collection but my favourite are all the different stud earring. Not sure which ones will be my first purchase tho. Do you know the prices for the UK yet? Also are the allure items going to be limited edition or not?

    • Leann

      I don’t have any info on the UK prices but for the birthstone studs I’d expect them to be 35-40GBP. The Vintage Allure is only limited edition in Australia.

  • Melinda Foofie Deyhle

    i am all about that grey cord 🙂

  • Liz

    I absolutely love the vintage allure, the feathers and the forest trinity. I always prefer the Pandora AW collections to the SS. I’m glad my birthday is in October xxx

    • Leann

      They’re absolutely divine! I can hazard a guess at what’s on your birthday wish list? 🙂

  • Kathrine

    Cant wait!!! Do you know if the forest trinity will be released in Australia? A few weeks ago pandora Australia’s website had the new collection up but quickly removed it and this charm wasn’t in the listings. Hope it is coming to us as it and the owl are my first port of call;)

    • Leann

      They should be! It’s my first choice too, love the green stone especially.

  • Carolyn Klement

    I’m glad for the 2 months between lol, gives me time to save and build my current plans! <3

    • Leann

      I’ve been told they’ll probably get to the stores in early August. One can try anyway! 🙂

  • Maria

    Funny, how they retired khaki oval lights before releasing khaki cord.

    • Leann

      That would have looked lovely together :).

  • Morgan

    I love the birthstone earrings- since I have 10/12 Birthday Bloom rings I need the earrings to match! Don’t know how long I can wait before finish my BB collection!

    I also adore the infinity rings, not really fond of the price though :/

    • Leann

      Ooh, will you get all 12 pairs? What a collection!