Pandora Australian LE Watch

Pandora recently released a limited edition watch from the Imagine line which is only available in Australia and New Zealand.  The watch, like all Imagine designs, features a large face and wide bands, however, this face is special in that it has 5 diamonds which was inspired by the Southern Cross constellation.  The bezel and straps are matte black with rhodium finish making this a very chic design.  Another detail of this watch is that the back plate is engraved with an Australian and New Zealand map, which I think is fantastic!  This piece is a true limited edition where each watch is individually numbered with only 650 in existence – for sale while stocks last.  The price is $499AUD, which is expensive but when compared to the diamond bezel, it is not too much more.  Thanks to Helena Mavro, we have some wonderful shots of the watch, including the documentation accompanying the purchase.

This watch is also fully compatible with other bezels and straps from the Imagine collection.  The pictures below feature various combinations of bezels and straps with the LE Southern Cross diamond face, thanks to Sharon Fawell.  I absolutely adore the matte bezel and Italian leather straps; and given that it’s limited edition…I think I know what I want for Christmas! 😉

Courtesy of Helena Mavro

  • Wendy

    How will you obtain your watch? Do you have an online retailer in Australia that you buy from and can share with us? Thanks,

    • Leann

      I’m going to ask a friend in Australia. Unfortunately, no retailers in Australia are allowed to ship outside the country :(.

  • Ashley

    Wow! Very beautiful watch indeed. I heard about this LE Pandora watch a couple of days ago and wasn’t at all surprised by the price. Actually I thought it would have cost more with all the detail that’s on the watch, being LE and only a select # of them that were made.

    I, personally don’t wear watches so I’ll let this particular Pandora treasure be loved and adored by all you other Pandora-addicts who choose to buy this one of a kind piece! 🙂

    • Leann

      I’m really excited by this piece, Ashley! I never leave the house without a watch and I’ve been looking for a new one. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Pandora’s current selection, but I just love this chic LE!

  • Angela

    Ordered the RBF clogs last week,right after reading your article, have not gotten them as yet, but just checked the Perlen site and noticed that the one I ordered was item #D006 for $27.41 there are now two pairs of clogs listed. #Doo6-1 for $27.41 listed as new and #D006 for $54.82. Any idea what the difference between the two would be that they are offered at almost doubled price ? To me they look the same.

    • Leann

      Hi Angela, there’s only the one clog. I’d buy the cheaper ones! 😉

  • Angela

    Thanks Leann, I ordered last Thur and it was shipped on Friday. When you featured it last week you and and Ashley did mention it was quiet a substantial charm which makes me wonder if a new clog charm lighter in weight is being released and the old one is now re-priced at the $54.82, I probably wont get it till Wed or Thur. Hope I get the original.

    Silver and gold price have dipped a bit , I thought they could decide to make this charm a bit lighter, kind of why I was in a hurry to get it before any changes. Even thought they could decrease the size or maybe as it is large almost equal to two charms price increased. On pins on needles till it gets here.

    • Leann

      Hopefully the more expensive one is just a glitch, I also got mine from Perlen and it was $27.96 so I bet you got the right one!