Pandora at JCK 2013

pandora-jck-2013(7)JCK (Jewelers’ Circular Keystone) Las Vegas show is the jewelry industry’s premier trade convention and place where many jewelry companies showcase their newest collections.  This year’s event was held from May 31 – June 4 at the luxurious Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, one of my favorite hotels on the Las Vegas strip.  Pandora attended the show last week and premiered their Autumn and Winter 2013 Collections for journalists and other industry insiders.

Photo credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

These glamorous photos courtesy of Pandora NA’s Twitter feed showed models getting ready for the runway and the participants having fun.  The theme for their booth was enchantment and masquerades as they handed out feathered masks to all the attendants which is appropriate as the title for the Autumn 2013 Collection is Enchanting and Winter Wonderland for the Winter 2013 Collection.  What we can already tell from these collections is that the color scheme is emerald and icy blue for fall and winter, with lots of lace, feathers, and mystique.

Based on their previous release schedule, we can anticipate the Autumn collection to hit stores around the the end of August/early September and the Winter collection debuts around end of September/October.  I am currently looking to put together a comprehensive preview of both releases which I hope to share soon!  What do you think are in those showcases?

  • cant say

    i have seen the collection already, and cant say too much, but what im looking forward to most is the Green and Purple Paves!!! 😮 🙂

    • Pandora Princess

      I second what “can’t say says,” says! We got to see both collections two weeks ago and the colors are gorgeous!

    • Leann

      Love the green beads! 🙂

  • Janet L.

    I’ve got a one track mind right now still waiting for the black blossom, teal faceted, and sea glass muranos!…I can’t think any further than that until I finish my current projects that are waiting for these 🙂

    • Leann

      Hahaha. It has been frustrating to wait for those, I’ve also got plans for the black blossom and fascinating muranos.

  • Nathan

    Yes or No …. Is there any amazing solid 14k gold charms or clips from this collection??

    • Leann

      Just a couple, nothing major :(.

  • Mary Yapp

    I am seriously hoping for an emerald northern lights charm. I have used them as birthstones for my kids and with my birthday in May, there is nothing that Pandora has that is a deep green. Would love to see that this fall!

    • Leann

      That sounds wonderful! Trollbeads just released an Aurora bead but it looks nothing like what I would expect an aurora borealis bead to look like :(.

  • Ashley

    Please oh please let there be gold charms and/or clips to choose from, not just all silver charms and very few two tone charms. That’s my #1 wish for Pandora Autumn and Winter collections.

    • Leann

      Just a couple, Ashley :(. They’re really nice though!