Pandora and Trollbeads IP Settlement

pandora-glassmaking1Many of you may know that Trollbeads was first on the scene as the originator of the European charm style with the bracelet being threaded through the beads. As is the case with most successful ideas, it soon spawned many competitors with Pandora being the front runner. Apparently, when Pandora was just starting out, they turned to Lise Aagaard to help them develop their glass Murano designs and productions. The following is a pieced together account from the two companies’ official statements.

I received information on March 15th regarding a one-time payment from Pandora to Trollbeads in an effort to replace the on-going royalty scheme that Pandora had been paying Trollbeads for the development of some early glass designs and production processes (intellectual property). It was only today that Trollbeads’ President Peter Mehlsen announced via their official Facebook page the background of the story (Translated by Google since I don’t read Danish):

Many of you have contacted us regarding a notification issued on 15 March 2013, concerning royalty payments from Pandora A/S to our parent company Trollbeads A/S.

Several years ago, Lise Aagaard an agreement with Pandora … in relation to guidance and design of selected glass beads. For this, Trollbeads A/S continued to receive royalty payments from Pandora.

This ongoing royalty agreement has now been replaced by a one-time payment of 190 million DKK (approx. $33 million USD). This change has no impact on our current and future business at all. The new agreement concerns only the designs that Lise Aagaard developed for Pandora A/S for several years.

The new agreement has no impact on Trollbeads current product range or development of exciting new products.

Trollbeads A/S is the original since 1976, and will continue to create unique and highly individual designs that will be exclusive to the brand.

Thanks for showing so much interest for Trollbeads… 🙂

pandora-glassmaking2This is very interesting information to me as it gives some insight into how the two companies have been operating together. Trollbeads is clearly heads above shoulders with their glass designs and techniques so I am not surprised that Pandora asked them to assist in the early development of their brand. With rumors swirling of Pandora hiring ex-Trollbeads glass designers to revamp their beads, I am hopeful that the future Murano designs start catching up. If the sea glass faceted Muranos coming out this summer are any indication, Pandora is on the right track.

  • Ashley

    I’m surprised this kind of info got out to the public….seems like something Pandora might want to try to keep on the down low, ya know? I hope your right Leann on Pandora catching up in the Murano department.

    • Leann

      They actually had to announce it to their investors but they say it’s going to be amortized through 2030 so it won’t affect their balance sheet. That’s a big chunk of change, eh?

      • Farah

        Hey Leann!

        Have you ever tried buying muranos through ebay? What are your thoughts on that?
        I never thought about it until I heard someone say that those beads without a brand are really cheap and if you search the web well, you can find very pretty ones. It’s unbelievable that you can buy muranos that are about 5-10 times cheaper the pandora-trollbeads muranos! 🙂

        Have a great day!

      • Leann

        Hi Farah, do you mean non-branded Muranos? I’ve only bought a couple retired Pandora ones from eBay otherwise for artisan glass I buy from Etsy. 🙂

  • Nataly Paquin

    Is Murano glass charms from Trollbeads
    fits on Pandora bracelet?

    • Leann

      Not unless it’s specified as a Universal Unique :).