Ohm Beads Mama Terra (April BOTM) Review


Today is Earth Day and to celebrate I’m taking a look at the new Ohm Beads April BOTM, Mama Terra! It’s a gorgeous bead representing Mother Earth and she’s beautifully detailed. Only 555 were made and stocks are already low, if not sold out, at headquarters.  I’m so lucky to get one and I’ve been enjoying her immensely since I received it. It comes in amazing packaging with a burlap

Alex Cramariuc – Tupilak


Alex Cramariuc is debuting his newest creation today and it’s a doozy!  The design is called Tupilak and is made for a fantasy necklace.  The Tupilak is an Greenlandic Troll and represents “one of the most iconic symbols of the Greenlandic Inuits, the Tupilak originates with the practice of witchcraft and used to be made exclusively by the shaman who then used it in different rituals.” These are traditionally made from “whale, walrus

Ohm Beads Community Design Project #10 Announced


Ohm Beads just decided on a theme for their next Community Design Project!  The theme is Magic and the survey for the possible designs are now available.  Click here to pick the winning charm!  It will be a silver bead and for those pre-ordering, there may be a special version available.  Are you excited by this theme?

X Jewellery Spring 2016 Collection Debut


Today is the debut of the newest X Jewellery Collection for spring! As has been the trend for this brand, the release is a smaller set with two new rubber link colors, two bronze pieces, and 2 silver links. The names are Pastel Violet, Graphite Grey, Risk It, Be Real, bronze Flow single, and bronze Flow lock. The designs are more unisex and edgy which echoes the original aesthetic of

Trollbeads Summer 2016 Collection Sneak Peek


Trollbeads is previewing exciting new designs for their upcoming Summer 2016 Collection!  This is a small set but the showpiece is definitely the limited edition Deep Ocean glass bead.  It is a very complex design by artist Nozomi Kaji (maker of the Mother’s Rose bead) and there will only be limited quantities available.  The photos are courtesy of Trollbeads, please do not reproduce without crediting. The other charms in this release

*redbalifrog* Life is a Song Teaser


Amanda just announced the launch date of her newest collection, titled Life is a Song!  The debut is scheduled for April 29th, and will include 6 amazing designs.  No previews until the release date, so definitely check back here for a full look on that Friday.  Are you excited for this news?  What do you hope to see for this theme?

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Release


Today is the debut of the Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Collection!  This wraps up the spring releases and features family charms and feminine glam.  It’s a smaller set than the main Spring 2016 Collection, but still lots to choose from.  There are a few designs that I can’t wait to get my hands on, including the Pacifier, Luminous Floral, and Luminous Elegance. In North America, there are three gift sets available

Ohm Beads Luna (May BOTM) Preview


I’m so excited to be presenting a sneak peek at the next upcoming Ohm Beads BOTM special! For May, it is called Luna and it will debut on April 28th. There are two versions of Luna, a silver bead and an oxidized one.  This will be very different than their typical ordering process as you won’t know which one you’re getting as it’s a “blind bag”. There are only 555

Trollbeads Spacers Collection Preview


Just in time for Mother’s Day, Trollbeads has another collection coming out and it’s one that fans have been asking for for years!  I’m so excited to offer this preview as decorative Trollbeads stoppers have been in demand for a long time.   The Spacers Collection will debut on May 13th, and preorders start on April 15th.  There are 7 designs in this set: Beehive, Sunbeam, Sweet Berries, Dot’n’Dot, Connected Love, Heart,

Trollbeads Mother’s Day 2016 Promotion


Trollbeads will be hosting a GWP promotion for this Mother’s Day!  From April 27th – May 8th, receive a free Trollbeads unique key ring with any purchase of $150USD or more.  This includes a slate gray leatherette tassel with a branded metal medallion and ring that allows for key and/or bead application. Each key ring includes a Trollbeads Universal Unique bead ($46 value) and measures 5” in length. I really

Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Promotions


The Pandora Mother’s Day 2016 Collection will be coming out soon and this post has an overview of the promotions that will be hosted for this holiday.  The release is scheduled for April 14th, and will be a modest collection of designs.  Of course it’s a big gift-buying time so there are a bunch of sets and other offers to give or receive on this special occasion. For North America,

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads Summer 2016 Collection


Thomas Sabo just debuted their Summer 2016 Collection for the Karma Beads line.  They have been coming out with smaller sets recently but more frequently.  The theme is definitely flora and fauna for this release which is perfect for the season. There are a mix of materials in the collection and it’s interesting to see the brand experiment with enamel beads.  Usually they’ve stuck to metal and stones, but the enamel will