Pandora Autumn 2016 Collection Debuts


Today Pandora is debuting its Autumn 2016 Collection today called the Vintage Allure!  The charms are mainly abstract designs and sparklies with some meaningful beads as well.  I previewed the entire collection that is available in the US and Canada in this post, however there are a few charms that are not sold here but in other countries right now.  This does not mean that they will not appear in the US

Ohm Beads Chi Chi Sticks (September BOTM) Release


The Ohm Beads Chi Chi Sticks premieres today and it is such an interesting design for their Bead of the Month!  I previewed it a few days ago and gave the background on the inspiration behind the bead (click on the link for more info).  There are only 999 made and again it’s a blind bag, with a mix of different sayings on the little tag that comes out of the bottom.

Pandora Winter 2016 Comprehensive Preview


I’m a bit late in sharing the Pandora Winter 2016 Collection, though we’re still a few months from the debut.  The next launch is scheduled for November 3rd, and offers the typical mix of wintery and holiday charms.  It’s one of the brand’s main releases and has a nice selection of new pieces.  The photos are courtesy of Pandora’s Angels and edited by me, so please do not reproduce without crediting. There are a

Pandora N.A. September Promo


I’ve got very exciting news today as we talk about the Pandora September promotion for North America!  This is the first time ever that they are hosting a discount event.  The company has experimented with changing the free bracelet promo last year with a free bead event but that wasn’t as well received.  This year we’re going to have something entirely different and it’s a straight up sale!  From September

X Jewellery Autumn 2016 Sneak Peek


X Jewellery is back for Autumn with another amazing collection due out soon!  The launch is next week on September 5th and I’m so excited to offer this preview of the upcoming pieces.  The theme is definitely urban chic with striking dark and yellow hues for this release.  The photos are courtesy of X Jewellery, please do not reproduce without crediting. There are 2 silver links, 2 bronze links, and

Ohm Beads Chi Chi Sticks Preview (September BOTM)


For September, Ohm Beads is coming out with a very interesting Bead of the Month design! It’s called Chi Chi Sticks and is inspired by the Chinese divination method, Kau Cim, Lottery Poetry or the Oracle of Guan Yin, which is known as one of the oldest styles of fortune telling in the world.  The person seeking a fortune, typically at a temple or altar, shakes a tube of sticks with

Pandora Autumn 2016 Exclusives


*****Updated with more exclusives and corrections.  Sorry for the confusion!***** Exciting news for the upcoming Pandora Autumn 2016 collection today!  I’ve already previewed the Pandora Autumn 2016 and the Winter 2016 sneak peek is coming up soon.  The designs included in these posts are only the ones available in North America.  Aside from those are a few country exclusive charms that will be coming out with these releases outside of North

Pandora Essence Promo Offer


Today Pandora is kicking off its first Essence promotion!  This offer is hosted by North America and will run until the end of the month (August 31st).  The details are: receive an Essence bracelet and bead set for $75USD, with a retail value of $95USD.  You can choose from 6 design including Friendship, Love, Spirituality, Affection, Freedom, and Health. Unlike most promotions, this deal is actually available online and in stores, but

Ohm Beads Bee Ohm and Hive Mind (August BOTM) Preview


Ohm Beads is celebrating its 8th birthday today on August 8th!  Contrary to most of their releases, the brand chose not to give a sneak peek for this collection.  I fell in love with these designs the first time I saw them and have been eagerly anticipating their debut!  There are 6 pieces in this collection called: Live Free, Please Survive, Work Together, Thank You, Make Room, and Incremental Change.

*redbalifrog* Enchanted Glade Collection Announced


Exciting news tonight as Amanda has announced her latest collection!  It is called Enchanted Glade and will debut on September 2nd.  There are five new charms so it’s a modest release which I really appreciate.  As the name implies, it’s a whimsical collection and features really cute designs.  Unfortunately, I can’t share any photos right now but I’ll have a full preview on the launch date!  Are you eager to

Introducing the Trollbeads Autumn 2016 Collection


Trollbeads will be debuting their Autumn 2016 Collection soon and I’m so excited to share a preview of the entire set!  The collection is titled Spirit of Life and launches on September 9th.  It’s a smaller release with 10 silver charms, 1 glass kit, 4 stone pieces, two new bangles, 1 lock, 1 ring, and 1 pair of studs.  These photos are courtesy of Trollbeads, do not reproduce without crediting. I’m surprised

Pandora Ornament GWP 2016


We’ve got plenty of previews for the upcoming Pandora collections already but today is a sneak peek of the much anticipated ornament GWP!  It’s become a tradition for the brand to offer a special Christmas ornament every year and for 2016 it will be a present.  The design is made of white ceramic and has the same aesthetic as the previous 5 ornaments. I don’t have specific dates for this GWP yet