Pandora cruise and promos info! Looking forward to 2012

I’ve been dying to go on the Pandora Cruise and I think I finally convinced my husband to go with me!  It was a bit difficult to swing logistically with work and all, but I got the okay from my boss and hopefully my vacation will get approved.  My husband was resistant to the cruise because he was worried it would be lame, like just a concept store on board

Pandora leather necklace video how to

I originally included this video along with one of my Christmas posts, but I figured it deserved to have it’s own blog entry so it was easier to find.  In this video I do a quick how to tutorial on some different ways to wear the Pandora leather necklace with charms and clips. If you enjoyed this video how to, or if you have some requests on things you would

Pandora Presents


It’s finally Christmas morning and my hubby surprised me with an “I love you” charm!  I’d been hinting at it for a little while so I’m glad he got it.  I know I buy a lot of charms for myself, but there was no way I was getting the “I love you” charm for myself!  He’s so wonderful, he puts up with all my charms-buying and is the really the

Merry Christmas to me!

It’s Christmas Eve and an exciting Pandora thing happened today!  I’ve been stalking the Pandora Facebook page and other related Pandora pages online constantly for the last couple of weeks (Simply Pandora, Genuine Pre Loved Charms/Bracelets, and Pandora Promo Selling Page are some of my favorites).  They are so addicting and just add fuel to the fire!  The ladies on those pages are so nice and always have such lovely

Christmas time gifts and finds


I decided to start my mom on her own bracelet!  I figure it’ll be an easy way to get her presents in the future.  She’s always so difficult to shop for; I asked what her favorite color is and she kept saying she didn’t have one, LOL.  So I starting her off with some of my favorite charms — the ‘Friends Forever’ butterflies, bunches of posies, rose charm, and couple

Pandora fabric string bracelet tutorial

Over the weekend I took my fabric string (also called color cords) that I had bought months ago to the Pandora store to get instructions on how to tie the string into an interesting design/pattern with the extra charms that I had left over.  The fabric string is a cheap and colorful alternative to getting the silver bracelet. I made a Pandora fabric string bracelet tutorial video on how to



My hubby surprised me when I came home from work today with the beautiful “Dew Drops on Flowers” two-toned charm with the big onyx drop and tiny CZ, and the Christmas ornament! It was one I had really wanted and had been hinting at it for a few while. He rarely surprises me with any presents; I usually just buy them myself – I have horrible impulse control, if you

My Pandora wish list


Sigh… I wouldn’t be an addict if I wasn’t jonesing for the next hit after I already got a bunch this week.  The Pandora bracelet builder is the worst/best app ever.  I’ve looking at starting at beginning a couple more bracelets (yes…2 more) – I’ve already got ideas for them and I just can’t wait to finish them!  It’s this constant desire, acquisition, and then rinse and repeat.  I want

My new two-tone bracelet


So it begins!!! I seriously could not help myself; the promotion started today (through the 4th) at Ben Bridge for the buy a necklace, get the matching bracelet free. The best deal is the two-toned one because it’s almost BOGO. I was so busy today at work, and didn’t get home until 8 pm, but I had to go to the Pandora store! I got serious loots. There was only

Lime-green Pandora bracelet video


This is my first video! Here I’m talking about my favorite piece, a lime-green themed Pandora bracelet. I go through each charm on the bracelet and give some thoughts on how it’s designed and laid out. If you have any questions or thoughts please let me know in the comments, thanks!

Buy Pandora necklace, get matching bracelet free


Hello there, I’m definitely not advertising or associated with any company but starting tomorrow from Dec 1-4, Ben Bridge is having a Pandora promo special! Buy any necklace and get the matching bracelet for free. I actually haven’t seen the necklaces that look exactly like the bracelet, but I say why not?! This is an especially good deal if you want to get the two-toned bracelet, which I plan on