More pictures of the new Asia exclusive Pandora charms

Picture by Charms Addict

I wanted to write a quick update to share a few more photos of the new Asian country exclusive charms that Pandora is releasing this week. My post yesterday has a bit of background on the new pieces and what they mean/why they are significant.  Here’s some close-up pictures of the hong bao and dragon charm: The Dragon Dangle looks amazing! I really like how it’s in an S-shape; it

Chinese New Year Pandora Asian exclusives


Some Facebook ladies in Asia broke the news today that Pandora is releasing some exclusive charms to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is the biggest and most important of the Chinese holidays and is celebrated in many Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. The exact date varies each calendar year because the Chinese calendar is based the moon cycles vs. the solar cycles of the

February Promo

Trinity Aquamarine Pendant

I just updated the promos list on the page up top, and also found a picture of the February GWP!  It looks very similar to what their display is for Valentine’s day, with those swirls of intricate lace (I saw the salespeople changing the displays yesterday when I was at the store, lots of hearts!).  Most likely the GWP will require a purchase of $150, and the promo will run

More pics of the new Pandora Spring/Summer 2012 collection

New rings from the Pandora Spring/Summer 2012 collection

One of the lovely ladies on Facebook found some great high-quality pictures that show several new pieces from Pandora’s upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The pics were found on the website for the Jewellery Show 2012, an annual jewelry and fashion show that is taking place February 5-9 in Birmingham, England this year. Pandora will be exhibiting at the show and were kind enough to upload some pics to the website

Danmark Indsamling up for pre-order on Perlen

Shipping items on Perlen

News just broke on the Simply Pandora Facebook group that the new for-charity Danmark Indsamling charm is officially up for pre-order on Perlen’s site! As of about noon PST today the Perlen site has listings up for both the silver and two-tone versions of the Indsamling feather charm (they are calling it the Indsamlingen). Here are direct links to the listings (note: Perlen has handy translation buttons on their page,

Pandora will reduce prices and offer promotions to improve sales in 2012

We recently found some great information about Pandora’s 2012 plans hidden inside an article about their Q3 financial reports from last year. In addition to the usual financial jargon and investor language were some juicy quotes from Pandora about their strategy for reversing the sales slump that they were seeing (I can’t believe their sales were actually down because I was certainly buying a lot during this time!): Pandora reiterated

Royal Wedding Charm


I finally got my Royal Wedding Charm!!! A really nice lady in Australia helped me get it (thank you Rachel Johns!) and I am thrilled. I have been waiting and waiting for it, what with the holidays the post was super slow. I finally got a ping from the tracking that it was in California on Monday, but I only got a slip in the mail on Tuesday :(. So

Pandora’s “How to Tie the Knot” guide to fabric lariats

A pic from Pandora's fabric lariat guide

Pandora recently posted a link to their “How to Tie the Knot” guide to using the fabric string lariats on their Facebook page. It’s nice to see them promote that page as it’s not really easy to find on their homepage. Like Leann wrote in her earlier post about Pandora fabric string bracelets, you have to click the small “Be Inspired” button located under their main “Explore” catalog links. From

The Danmarks Indsamling 2012 charm

Female charm

Hi everyone! This is Lisa, and I’m super excited to get the chance to share my thoughts on the wonderful and addicting world of Pandora charms. It’s my first time writing about my Pandora obsession online, so let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see or if there’s something that I can improve on in my writing! For my first post I wanted to talk about a topic

Introducing Lisa

Between the Pandora Unforgettable cruise, the new Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and international-only exclusive charms there is just SO much Pandora content out there to talk about! To help fill in the gaps and write content for the blog I asked my friend Lisa to be a contributor to Charms Addict. She’s another gal like me, obsessed with Pandora and excited to share that enthusiasm with everyone 🙂 Look for posts

First look at Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Spring/Summer collection 5

Looks like the silver Mystic Muranos are confirmed for the Pandora Spring/Summer 2012 Collection! Previously the Mystic charms were only available in 14K gold. The new 2012 silver versions then brings the price from $270 down to $40. What a price drop! My personal favorite of the 14K Muranos are the Lotus beads; I’m still holding out hope that they’re going to be available in silver one day. Also, it

New guide on getting started with Pandora bracelets

photo 3

It’s official! I’m heading to the Pandora Unforgettable Moments Cruise in March. I got the time off, the cruise is registered for, and just have to book the plane tickets! I’m unbelievably excited, and I hope I can share the entire experience with you all. In the meantime, between all the holiday excitement and New Year’s celebrations I thought I’d take some time to make a quick guide to help