Pricing for Floral Nostalgia 2012


*****UPDATE***** Had a lovely chat with my Pandora gals at the store today – the new Muranos are only $35USD!  And I got a glimpse at a new two-tone clip, lazy daisy for $95USD.  I am definitely putting that one on my list! Ever since the first photos of the new collection was posted here, we’ve made quite a few posts about the topic. Well, here’s some more great information

Year of the Dragon(s)


Exactly a week after the Lunar New Year, Lisa and I both received our limited edition Asian dragons!  These two little guys came on Monday and really made our week!  The dragons came from very different parts of the world – one from Malaysia and one from Australia, but both delivered on the same day – how funny.  Thank you so much to Christine Ng and Jasmin Harris (who also

The countdown begins…


Today, Pandora has officially began to unveil the Floral Nostalgia Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and starting this off they have introduced the camera charm (in a much higher resolution photo than before)!  This looks like a DSLR or old school SLR camera and can be a great symbol for photography enthusiasts or to remember a wonderful vacation.  I thought that this would be perfect to add to the existing airplane charm and suitcase

Cleaning and storing Pandora jewelry

I often see questions asked regarding how to take care of Pandora jewelry, in particular the sterling silver pieces as they tarnish very easily and often. Pandora concept stores offer free cleaning of their products which is a great service!  They have jewelry tumblers which can mechanically clean your bracelet, but be aware that if you two part charms (dangles, delicate pieces, etc.), pearls, or wood charms this is not

The Frog Prince

Photo from Birgit Jarzombek-Schlick

I’ve been thinking about doing a “fairy tale” themed bracelet for a while…something like this: I was at a loss as to what to do with my Royal Wedding Charm, so a blue theme to go with the fairy tale charms was a natural choice!  I’m thinking along with the blue Muranos and other blue stoned charms, I’m planning on putting the Princess and the Pea, Royal Carriage charm and

New video and pics of the 2012 Floral Nostalgia Pandora collection


A video clip of the grand opening of the new Pandora concept store in München (Munich), Germany was posted today in the Pandora Lovers Facebook group. While it starts out normally, showing the ribbon-adorned entrance to the store and the usual Pandora banners and livery, the video then cuts to some exciting footage of some of the new Spring/Summer 2012 charms! The focus is definitely on Valentines Day themed pieces

Valentine’s Day Collection


I can’t believe we’re into February already!  With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and the first day of the Valentine’s heart jewelry box promo here, this is a brief rundown of the new charms out for the holiday.  For some stores these have already been out for several weeks, however, they still haven’t appeared in Pandora’s online catalogue. At the top of the list is the hearts open works charm, which

London to get the next country exclusive Pandora charms?

London double decker bus, by Andrew Dunn

*****UPDATE***** More details about the London bus – it’s supposed to be sterling silver with a Union Jack on the top of the bus…I assume in enamel, and red, white, and blue Murano (described as a swirl pattern). Could be used to represent many countries! Pricing info: bus = £40, medal = £35, and Murano = £30. There is an unconfirmed rumor on the Pandora Facebook group that the next



Even though I ran to the Pandora store on Thursday to get my free ring, I hadn’t planned on actually wearing the ring because I wanted to put it on my necklace. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really looked at Pandora rings and while I do have their “Life’s Charmed Path” ring, I hadn’t wanted to get into the stacking style because the middle part of my finger is pretty

Charms Addict on Twitter

Hi ladies, thank you for all your support recently! We’ve been busy building up the Charms Addict Facebook group the past few weeks; thanks to all your “likes”. It’s been really great to meet other Pandora fans online and share in the excitement of our little [sometimes big] addiction! We’ve finally gotten going on our Twitter account as well — if you use Twitter, please follow @charmsaddict for more #Pandora

Rare/Exclusive/Limited Edition Charms


Ever since I really got into Pandora, I wondered what all the special charms were.  That got me thinking about doing an article on the rare and exclusive charms that Pandora has made over the years.  For all of us who haven’t been collecting Pandora for years and don’t have first hand knowledge, there’s no real list or central place to find these kind of charms.   I’ve been slowly working

2012 Promos List


Ladies, don’t forget to get your free $50 ring this weekend!  In honor of the first promo of the year (it feels like it’s taken forever since Christmas), I compiled a page with all the known GWP for this year so far.  Of course I will be editing this list on a regular basis.  Some fun things are happening this year!  I personally *cannot* wait for the March bracelet promo!