OhmGnome Festival and Giveaway!

ohm-gnome-travels1This weekend Ohm Beads is hosting their Annual OhmGnome Festival! If you follow Ohm on social media, you’ll notice that their Gnome is somewhat of a celebrity and goes with the staff and Ohmbassadors on their adventures. This is a play off the popular Travelosity Gnome from TV commercials, and it’s super adorable.

I’ve had my eye on the Gnome for a while now but haven’t gotten him yet.  These photos are from Jenny at Ohm and feature the charm.  There will be OhmGnome Festival goodies happening on their event on Facebook all weekend.

We’re also celebrating here at Charms Addict with a fun photo contest giveaway!  Simply post your favorite Ohm Gnome photo or your favorite travel bracelet picture and you’ll be entered to win your very own Ohm Gnome!  The deadline is Sunday, June 19th at 11:59 PST and the winner will be picked at random on Monday.  Please take a look at contest rules, but this is open to all US and international readers.  Have you been following the Gnome?

  • Stormy Hampton

    OHMGnome and his traveling buddy. They love going to new and exciting places!

  • Natalie Hoffman

    Vacay photo!

  • Shanen Ruppel

    I first fell in love with Pandora, but OHM is the true love of my life. Here are my absolute favs that never come off. My left arm muscles are super buff 🙂

  • Paula Jackson

    I always need my OHMygod angel watching over me and my hug me teddy on all vacations.. A ohm gnome would go perfect on my bracelet to travel with…

  • Véronique Duchaine-Tremblay

    Always travelling with my Ohm beads ♡♡♡

  • Susy Gamarra Giacomelli

    My bracelet resting after vacation 🙂

  • Jackie R Oz

    Dreaming of a cruise.

  • Karin

    Enjoying the summer in the garden.

  • Tracy

    I couldn’t choose a favourite Ohm Gnome picture, but this is a recent picture of his adventures when he snagged the last piece of dessert 😉

    • maisiethewestie

      yum!! #poke

  • Michele Courtney

    My travel (go everywhere every day bracelet) with %OhmGnome and his Ohmies ❤️

  • Alexandra Rimbert

    I like pastel colours for vacation ☺

  • Michele Courtney

    Love #Ohm


  • PurdyfulJen

    Finding inner peace in my travels

  • Elizabeth Palmer

    I have been sent to poke you! I have had great fun during the festival! I am already looking forward to next year! The event is so perfect for bringing the ohmily together and making the world a little smaller! Peace love and beads

  • Irene Poppi

    My Moon and gnome bangle…beautiful

  • Cecy Elena

    Poke! I need to go to Seattle so we can all have some coffee and sweet bread. Nursing school hurry up!!

  • Diana Acevedo

    ‪#‎OHMGnomeFestival This has been fun!

  • DisneyBlingMama

    Memories traveling through the Disney Vacation Club

    • Leann

      Congrats!! You’re the winner of the contest :D.

      • DisneyBlingMama

        Omg! I’m so honored! I emailed you with my address info. Thanks so much! I’m so excited.

  • https://marthnickbeads.wordpress.com/ Martha

    #poke! Glad you introduced me to Ohm many years ago! I remember first seeing them here!

  • Marina Miranda Fiuza

    Love my gnohm.

  • Barbara

    I ‘ve been following the gnome in the Annual OHM Gnome Festival. What a great event. Love the beads. Love the Ohmbassadors. I’ll be buying more Ohm for sure!

  • Paula Jackson

    I LOVe OHM beads!!!!!

  • Vampgirl

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog!! I am a bit obsessed with your blog since I first started collecting! I like you have been debating getting this gnome! After this weekend I need him!!! #pokepokepoke

  • Paula Jackson

    I love ohm beads!!! #poke

  • Sonya Martin Thomas

    Thanks for keeping us so informed! You rock!!!

  • Shamamallama

    How OHMtastic #pokepokepoke

  • Melissa Hupman Rinn

    Gnohmie standing on top of a few Herkimer diamonds we spent all day digging out of a rock wall.
    Thank you for all you do to keep us up to date on the bead world. Sharing the love!! #pokepokepoke

  • Natalie Hoffman

    I love Ohm Gnome Festival! #pokepokepoke

  • Kit-Ling Tec

    Once upon a time in an old English Town, OHM Gnome was hanging around…
    He went to visit the Queen one day, whilst sipping a nice cuppa tea on the way…
    He took a stroll down Birdcage Walk visiting Big Ben, what an amazing talk…
    Off on a light jog to Trafalgar Square, to see Nelson’s Column and the fierce lions waiting there…
    Embankment here we come, a little piece of Egypt lies hidden there…
    From Cleopatra’s needle, an Ancient Egyptian obelisk and a pair of Sphinxes with a scarab beetle…
    Now a journey never ends with OHM Gnome, as he travels this life is his home. <3 (Just a share of the travelling OHM Gmome ^_^ #pokepokepoke lol

  • Et

    After reading all the comments I think I am going to add a gnome to my collection. Thank you Leann for all you do!