Ohm Beads Year of the Ram Preview

ohm-beads-year-of-the-ram-collageFollowing the sneak peek of the new Ohm Beads design, today we’ve got a full preview of the Year of the Ram beads!  As stated in the teaser, there are two versions of this adorable charm – a full silver and a two-tone one with 14K accents.  It’s likely that it’ll be another LE piece and if so, quantities would be limited.  This is going to pair perfectly with the Curly Sheep which came out last year with the Winter 2013 Collection and I can’t wait to put them together.

The silver Ram is $45 and the two-tone is $60; they have large cores so will fit on all bracelet types including Pandora.  Artisan Bead Boutique is already taking preorders for this special by email.  How do you think this translated from the wax mold to silver?  Are you planning on getting one?

  • http://www.OhmBeads.com Mike @ Ohm

    The silver will not be LE, but the 2-tone WILL be Limited Edition. There may-or-may-not be an LE 14k Solid Gold version at some retailers. #MumsTheWord #WinkyFace <3

    • Leann

      OooOoOooOo!! Exciting!!!

  • Nereida Ammari

    Is the two tone plated gold tone or bronze/brass?

    • Leann

      It is plated 14K, I believe.

  • carol

    Love this one!

    • Leann

      It’s so cute!!

  • FairObjective

    This is really detailed; love the swirls for the body! I’d like to pick up the 2-tone and pair it on a bracelet with Curly Sheep; been wanting Curly Sheep since it came out last winter…adorable! Take care, Leann…Kim

    • Leann

      Awesome! They’ll definitely great together :D.

  • Kari

    When is the release date? I need one!

    • Leann

      January 3rd, just a couple days now!