Ohm Beads Voting Opens Community Design #7

ohm-beads-CDP7-votingAfter a bit of a wait, the Ohm Beads Community Design Project #7 is finally kicking into high gear!  The CDP is a fantastic opportunity for fans to get involved in designing charms from conception to production.  It’s one of the most exciting contests to watch and I’ve enjoyed all the charms that have been birthed from this process (check out the CDP reviews here).   The latest creation from this project was the Chocolate Bar, a delectable realistic treat and it’s been very popular!  For those wondering about CDP #6: Life’s a Beach will be coming out shortly.

The theme this time around is Traveling Abroad.  After many submissions, the finalists were narrowed down to Desk Globe and Around the World.  As you can see, the designs are in the wax stage of development and close to being done.  The Desk Globe is a two-part charm and since it is separately made, my assumption is that the globe is free to spin in its stand.  I love articulating charms and this one is so cute.  The Around the World charm is equally adorable (if not more so), with 3 different modes of transportation circulating the earth.  Featuring a plane, train, and car, these tiny modes of travel rise slightly above the surface of the bead.  Originally sketched as 3 planes, feedback from the community urged the designers to add the train and car, a brilliant idea!

It will be so difficult for me to pick, I honestly adore them both but I’m leaning towards the Around the World charm.  Click on this survey link to cast your vote.  Ohm Beads will be soliciting feedback for at least a week, so make your voices heard!  Which design do you prefer?  Difficult to choose?

  • Jordan

    I think the around the world is my favourite. I love how the different transport is raised off the world. I can’t wait to find out who wins. Figures crossed.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      I think so too. Kinda wish they would make both! 😉

  • Kim

    Leaning towards Around the World too, I just so wish it had a boat!!!

    • Leann

      Great idea! I added that to my comments on the survey too :D. Much more fitting for international travel than a car.

  • Ashley

    I’ve got to agree with u Leann, I like them both! I voted for Around the World because of the raised plane, adorable idea! 🙂

    Yup, Kim they definitely should have added a boat AND a hot air balloon!! Hehe 😉

    • Leann

      I couldn’t decide…I ended up voting for both, lol.

  • Aida

    Hmmm, interesting new format for the comments section.
    I took my feedback survey and voted yesterday via fb. I love the Around the World and suggested they make it two-tone for the transportation icons to stand out more. A little concerned though that they would snag on my sweater. I felt that the globe, as a retired teacher, was more representative of school/education than travel but on the fb page, it seems to have a larger following.

  • Carolyn Klement

    Deff around the world, it is so different to the other major designers who just release the same version of the globe over and over with different signatures on it.