Ohm Beads Tidlom Collection Review

ohm-beads-tidlom-collection-setThe Ohm Beads Tidlom Collection is based on the Thai cartoon of the same name.  It features two silvers and two glass beads called Tidlom, Jumpa, Pink Blossom, and Country Tartan.  The characters are not well known outside of Thailand but as they’re so cute, I was incredibly excited that Ohm decided to release it worldwide!  It was originally a country-exclusive from last fall, but saw a global launch earlier this year.



The details are fantastic and the brand did an amazing job bringing these figures to life.  Tidlom, a teenage water buffalo, is holding a kite which is part of the main storyline of trying to find a way to fly.  Jumpa is a fan of his and together they have many grand adventures.  I love the flowers of the Pink Blossom and matching ones etched on Jumpa’s pants.  The colors are so cheerful and wholesome, they really bring a smile to my face.

Ohm Beads have large diameter cores and can fit on all bracelet brands including Pandora.  My recommended retailers are Ohm Beads and Perlen.  I hope they come out with more characters from this cartoon, they’re just adorable!  What do you think of the Tidlom Collection?