Ohm Beads Summer 2016 Collections

ohm-beads-courage-and-loyalty-cover1It’s the end of a busy week as Ohm Beads is also debuting their June collections today. The releases include the June Bead of the Month Hug Me; Courage and Loyalty Collection; exotic animals; and new safety chains, necklaces, and oxidized bangle. It’s a very exciting beginning to the summer!

ohm-beads-botm-hug-me1I’ve been most anticipating the June Bead of the Month – Hug Me.  My own teddy bears are well worn and have been with me for decades, so this design speaks to me greatly.  There are 789 pieces made, so definitely be quick to pick this one up if you’re interested in it.

The next collection I’m most excited for are the exotic animals.  I just can’t resist these cute faces!  This set is fan inspired and named; there are Ava the Aye Aye, Barb the Bilby, Ernie the Badger, Honey the Sugar Glider, Paula the Red Panda, and Saul the Narwhal.

ohm-beads-courage-and-loyalty-collectionOhm is introducing the Courage and Honor Collection which are 3 glass beads.  The designs are Crossed, Touched, and Wrapped in red, white, and blue.  While these are not limited edition, they are only being sold as kits by the company so it will be up to retailers to split them or not.

I can’t wait to try out the new decorative safety chains especially Pinned Up.  There are three new safety chains including Locked Down, Pinned Up, and No Escape.  There is a slight delay on the safety chains though, and will arrive in stores about a week late.

Finally, we come to new options for Ohm’s signature bangle and drop necklaces.  The bangle is now available as the Dirty Twisted Bangle in oxidized silver.  The drop necklaces have been redesigned in both silver and oxidized, great for wearing focal pieces.

Ohm Beads have large diameter cores and can be worn with all bracelet brands including Pandora.  These are now available for purchase at my recommended retailers: the official Ohm Beads siteArtisan Bead Boutique, and Perlen.  Which of these collections are you interested in?

  • Chelsea

    Confession: I have watched the Britney Spears movie ‘crossroads’ on more than one occasion. In secret.

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  • PurdyfulJen

    Confession: I have enough clothes to not do laundry for over 2 months :O

  • Alexandra Rimbert

    I have to confess. I disvovered your blog just a couple weeks ago and I like it a lot
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  • Marie Groves

    I bought Hug Me for my son, first because I love to give him lots of hugs while I still can (he’s 8), also because he loves the little silver “sculptures” that the beads are, and because I have made collectible mohair teddies for years now.