Ohm Beads Summer 2016 Collection Preview

ohm-beads-botm-hug-me-cover1Ohm Beads is previewing their upcoming June releases today and there’s a lot to look forward to!  The launch date for these collections is June 3rd, so not much longer now.  The designs coming out include the June Bead of the Month Hug Me; Courage and Loyalty Collection; exotic animals; and new safety chains, necklaces, and oxidized bangle.

Starting off with the Bead of the Month for June is a well loved teddy bear named Hug Me.  This bear is not your typical charm but depicted as a rag tag stuff animal that has been with us for some time.  He is patched up in the back and has a replacement button eye but these are just a testament to how much he is loved.  I still have several stuffed animals that have been with me since childhood so this is a very poignant bead for me.  There are only 789 pieces made so be sure to get him while you can!

ohm-beads-courage-and-loyalty-collectionNext is a collection perfect for Memorial Day and 4th of July, called Courage and Loyalty.  It is a set of glass beads and will be part of the regular catalog.  The brand is only selling as a kit so it will be at the retailer’s discretion to split them up.  The designs are red, white, and blue and called Crossed, Touched, and Wrapped.

The exotic animal collection contain designs that were fan requested and named.  These are super cute and the brand did a wonderful job sculpting them – they look so realistic and adorable!  The animals include: Ava the Aye Aye, Barb the Bilby, Ernie the Badger, Honey the Sugar Glider, Paula the Red Panda, and Saul the Narwhal.

Safety chains provide great functionality but none have been really decorative until now.  Ohm Beads new safety chains are both practical and pretty!  There are three new ones called Locked Down, Pinned Up, and No Escape.  My favorite is Pinned Up and I love the little pieces of clothing pinned to the line.  They feature silicone clipped ends which have a slim profile, and will allow you to add them to the bracelet without having to take off all the beads.

ohm-beads-dirty-twist-bangle1Lastly, Ohm is debuting a couple new options for their bangle and necklaces.  The popular twisted bangle will be available in oxidized silver, called the Dirty Twist.  The beaded necklace also sees a redesign and will come out in both silver and oxidized versions.  These are great for wearing a focal piece, like the LE Luna or the Rawr Collection.

Ohm Beads have large diameter cores and can be worn with all bracelet brands including Pandora.  These are now available for preorder at my recommended retailers: the official Ohm Beads site, Artisan Bead Boutique, and Perlen.  Are you as excited as I am for these wonderful designs?

  • Lesley Watson

    love Barb the Bilby, so nice to have a different Australian animal and of course the wee teddy is adorable. I am really liking the ohm beads.

  • Carol

    Hug Me is so precious! <3

  • Shari Steinman Haxel

    I love the red panda and the narwhal!!

  • imogenPH

    Is the Hug Me teddy really available for pre-order already at the official site? I can’t find it on there!