Ohm Beads Special Edition Love Quote

ohm-beads-love-quote-coverRounding off a big day of previews is a look at the special Love Quote charm from Ohm Beads.  This brand really takes care of their retailers and fans as we’re all part of the Ohmily.  Love Quote is designed specifically for Charms Life, an authorized retailer, and will be launched on September 4th, along with Sacred Geohmetry and BOTM Argh.

This versatile dangle is inscribed with Love Conquers All on one side, and the latin translation on the other.  It is a super classic design and one that can be used with any themed bracelet.  Love Quote is a special edition but not limited, so it will be around for a while.  It can be ordered directly from Charms Life (who will be offering international shipping), or through the Ohm Beads website and will be fulfilled by Charms Life.  Does this charm appeal to you?

  • hotshot40

    I remember Virgil’s quote from my Latin class — now I can wear it on my bracelet – awesome!

  • Claremay04

    Beautiful! This is more my style than some of the other Ohm Beads… I will definitely be getting Love Quote.