Ohm Beads Six Pack Review


Ohm Beads has slowed down their releases compared to last year but the collections that have come out are fantastic!  Today I’m featuring their newest glass beads part of the Six Pack set.  I was immediately taken with these vibrant colors when I first saw the previews and they certainly do not disappoint in person.  The charms have fun names including: Play Doctor (plum), Live Your Fantasy (orange), Do You (green), Get In Shape (yellow), Feel Bangin’ (purple), and Make A Joke (black).


The philosophy behind this collection is to be healthy and have a bead rather the carbonated beverage that they resemble.  Soda is my only vice that I can’t resist so these are the perfect representation for my sugary treats.  As I keep mentioning, they are bright and makes any bracelet pop.  There are bubbles trapped in the glass which represents the carbonation and the color is wrapped around the core with clear glass on top (except for Do You).  Do You was actually inspired by a margarita drink which is why it looks a little different than the rest of the set.  The stock photos are pretty much spot on except for Play Doctor which is a bit more red than it shows in the other pictures – it’s more of a merlot.

Ohm Beads have large cores and can be used with any bracelet including Pandora.  These are super versatile and can go with any combination. My recommended retailers are Ohm Beads websitePerlen, and Artisan Bead Boutique.  I love these fun colors and I combined them with other snack and drink charms from Ohm Beads to create this wonderful bracelet.  Which one is your favorite?  Are you a soda drinker?

Bead index (starting from left): TB water lock, Ohm chocolate, Ohm get in shape, TB orange dillo, Ohm coffee to go, TB purple dillo, Ohm do you, Ohm martini margarita cocktail, Ohm make a joke, TB root chakra, Ohm assaulted pretzel, Ohm live your fantasy, TB unique orange braid, Ohm fortune cookie, Ohm feel bangin’, TB unique lime dillo, Ohm black bird pie, TB unique black glitter bubbles, Ohm play doctor.

  • Martha

    I bought the orange and purple ones and would also like to get the green and yellow ones. I’m a real sucker for Ohm’s barrel shaped glass beads. Come to think of it, I also use the Cold Milk glass beads all the time too. Cute bracelet, Leann!

    • Leann

      Thanks Martha! I’m really digging these colorful beads from Ohm, they’re so versatile :).

  • Sharene

    Great bracelet. I got all of them except the yellow and brown. I don’t seem to have much use for those colors with what I wear. I love ALL their Barrel beads too Martha. My purple color on this one is “THIN” in some places, but I love it anyway. I should check out that Cold Milk beads … ah but they may be are out of stock and gone forever. I’ll have to check 🙂 Thanks Leann.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Sharene! I have a lot of fun with these colorful beads :). You can’t go wrong with whatever one you pick! Oh no, I’m sure if you want to exchange your purple one, you could. It does give it some character though eh? 😉

      • Sharene

        You’re right, character it does have and I do like it. The more I wear it the more I love with it 🙂

        I did find the Cold Milk bead and now have it in my collection, soon on a bracelet. Yay

  • LiveYourDreams

    You nailed it when you said these colors are vibrant, the pictures really show it! I love the purple and green beads, wasn’t planning on getting any of this set but I might just change my mind 🙂

    • Leann

      Thanks! I really love rainbow colors and these definitely hit the mark for me. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

  • Carol

    Wow Leanne! Your bracelet is so cool! Very vibrant and unique collection. The beads look delicious! I’m really craving a cold drink and a snack about now. LOL!

    • Leann

      Thank you! It definitely gives me a soda craving, which is the opposite of their intent, haha!