Ohm Beads Rockin’ Beadmas Feat. Holey Ham

ohm-beads-beadmas-cover1Ohm Beads released a number of festive charms for the holiday season and for this review, I’m going to be taking a look at the Beadmas Collection, Rockin’, and December 2015 BOTM Holey Ham.  The Beadmas Collection includes Beadmas Tree, Beadmas Wreath, and Beadmas Bell.  The title is from the brand’s fun variation of Christmas which they coined a couple years ago – it’s great to see that they’ve put out charms of the same name!

The Beadmas Collection has a curly Q theme which really makes this a cohesive set.  Beadmas Wreath is a thin charm, almost like a spacer but bigger in width.  Beadmas Bell has an articulating ringer, but it doesn’t actually move freely so there is no sound from it.  The Beadmas Tree is beautiful and my favorite is the underside where you can see the branches detailed.

Rockin’ is a replica of the classic rocking horse.  It has simple and clean lines, but there is no traditional core.  The bracelet is strung through the sides, right above the rocker so it can sit facing front.

This month’s Bead of the Month is fantastic and a great follow-up to November’s Same Same But Different.  It features another great holiday meal called Holey Ham.  The bead is heavily textured with the checkered appearance of the honey ham.  It sits on a platter and the bottom is engraved with “Happy Beadmas 2015”.  The core is diagonal through the bead so it sits slightly askew on the bracelet.  There are only 678 pieces of this charm produced so I would encourage you to get it sooner rather than later.

Ohm Beads have large diameter cores and can fit on all bracelet types including Pandora.  My recommended retailers for this brand include: official websiteArtisan Bead BoutiquePerlen, and Oromoda.  I chose a classic Christmas color scheme for this bracelet and I love how festive it is!  Are you having a merry Beadmas so far?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads glass and Ohm Beads silvers): TB lace lock, jingle balls, unique red snowflake, LE christmas holly, beadmas tree, unique green bubbles, unique green caterpillar, rockin’, unique green fern, LE christmas bubbles, snowflake, LE red bubbles, unique green feather, beadmas bell, autumn foliage, unique green feather, carolers, green diamond, LE poinsettia, BOTM holey ham, autumn rays, unique green bubbles, beadmas wreath.