Ohm Beads & Perlen My Precious Sneak Peek

ohm-beads-my-precious-perlenAugust is a special month for Ohm Beads as they’re celebrating their birthday next week!  In addition to the festivities, Perlen has collaborated with the brand to put out their own very special charm.  It’s called My Precious and is described as an elf girl trying to gather all the prettiest beads in the world.  It will debut on August 8th, but preorders are starting today.

The little elf is seated cross-legged and is admiring a precious charm in her hands.  It is absolutely adorable and so fitting for my favorite jewelry retailer.  My Precious will be a special edition design exclusively for Perlen.

My Precious also comes with a colored tassel, and they will add a small note about each color (they will pick one that they think will suit you) but of course you can specify which color you’d like too!  Do you relate to this little elf?

  • jae

    Pre-ordered mine yesterday-Can’t wait!!!

  • Sharene Pomnitz

    I hadn’t seen anything on this bead. I was in the Perlen site and happened upon this charm. I thought it was a Hippie Chick, minus the bell bottoms. I scooped her up right away as I thought of myself many moons ago. So now I read that she’s an Elf holding a charm. WOW. I like that too. There was no mention of choosing my own color, darn. But I got a pretty Green color. See I can’t go away from posts for even a short while 🙂 Life gets busy sometimes.