Ohm Beads Luna (May BOTM) Preview

ohm-beads-luna-botm-may-2016-coverI’m so excited to be presenting a sneak peek at the next upcoming Ohm Beads BOTM special! For May, it is called Luna and it will debut on April 28th. There are two versions of Luna, a silver bead and an oxidized one.  This will be very different than their typical ordering process as you won’t know which one you’re getting as it’s a “blind bag”.

There are only 555 made but headquarters is already down to 50 and preorders technically only started today!  They fully expect to sell out of Luna soon so don’t delay ordering one if you like it.  It’ll be interesting to see what people do if they don’t get the finish they like, maybe there will be some trading on the secondary market.

Ohm Beads is compatible with other bracelet brands including Pandora.  Artisan Bead Boutique has been allowing a “catch and release” pre-pre-order, so if you’ve changed your mind or want to reserve one, you can contact them directly.  Are you intrigued by the blind bag?  Have you preordered yet?

  • Chloe James

    Sometimes when no one else is in the house I order take away pizza just so I don’t have to share it. #pokepokepoke #ohmily