Ohm Beads Liquid Time (Community Design Project)

ohm-beads-liquid-time-cover1Finishing off a busy day of previews, is a look at the newest Community Design Project from Ohm Beads!  This was apparently a Russian Community Project that the brand has been secretly working on.  It is also debuting on April 1st and will be available worldwide as a regular part of the collection (not limited edition).

The bead is named Liquid Time and reminds me of the Salvador Dali painting with the melting clocks.  It shows a pair of hands holding a dripping timepiece, probably as a representation of how quickly time flies by.  The rest of the charm is similar to Ohm’s other Community Design Project, Our World, which also has the hands cupped.

Retailers are now taking preorders, including my recommended stores: Artisan Bead Boutique and Perlen.  How do you feel about this community project?