Ohm Beads LE Same Same But Different Review

ohm-beads-same-same-but-different-coverHappy Thanksgiving, everyone! On this busy day, I’m taking a look at the very popular Ohm Beads BOTM Same Same But Different.  This design features the iconic Turkey dinner and is a variation of the original much sought after LE Turkey Platter.  It’s great that Ohm Beads has recreated this charm for all the fans that have been looking for the collector’s item.

As this month’s BOTM, there are only 559 beads made making it an extremely limited edition run.  It is very similar to the original Turkey Platter, but with more texture and oxidization on the body of the bird.  It gives the appearance of cooked crispy skin which is so realistic!  The turkey is surrounding by garnish on the plate and is engraved with “Happy Thanksgiving” on the bottom.


Ohm Beads have large cores which fit on all bracelet types including Pandora.  Surprisingly, they’re not currently sold out yet so you can still find them at my recommended retailers: the official website, Perlen, Classic Beads, and Artisan Bead Boutique.  I made a turkey themed bracelet with all the platters together and I am definitely hungry for dinner!  Have you gotten this design?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads glass and Ohm Beads silvers): lock of wisdom, ohmily, unique amber galaxy, WT Denmark runes, BOTM same same but different, LE UK amber pink prism, unique amber, LE same same but eaten, unique beige bubbles, LE carved amber ladybug, LE turkey platter, unique bicone amber, unique amber, tom the turkey, brown/yellow chalcedony, unique amber, LE sugar sleigh ride, unique amber ornament, unique faceted amber.

  • Trudy Van Hout

    Gorgeous, love the combination with the ambers, the colours are beautiful!

  • jae

    The ohmily bead is perfect here!!!