Ohm Beads LE Black Sheep Review

ohm-beads-black-sheep-august-botm2This month’s Ohm Bead of the Month Black Sheep is selling out fast and before they’re all gone, I wanted to feature it here.  It’s already sold out from the official website, but still may be available from some retailers.  Only 555 were made, as part of its extremely limited edition status, and it’s proven to have wide appeal.  The black sheep means the one that stands out in the herd, and I can definitely relate to that feeling!

It is a variation of the Curly Sheep but it is completely oxidized with dark finishing.  It is actually a mirror image, which means that the mold was made opposite of the Curly Sheep so that they face the other side.  I love that it is distinguished from the silver version and has its own uniqueness.

Ohm Beads have large cores and can fit on all bracelet brands, including Pandora and Trollbeads.  The BOTMs are hot collector’s items and this one is getting very hard to find.  If you’re still needing to buy one, I would recommend contacting Ohm Beads and ask which retailers still have any inventory.  I’ve added the Black Sheep to my flock and have been wearing him with the fantastic Death Barrel glass, which also stand out!  Have you gotten your Black Sheep yet?

  • Vanessaqq

    I was browsing a book about Diana this morning and came across this picture. What a coincidence!

    • Leann

      Haha, love it!

    • http://www.OhmBeads.com Mike @ Ohm


  • Alice Wonder

    I got mine, it is adorable.

  • Linda

    I got mine as well and he is so cute.

  • Martha Harris

    I just received mine today; I put the black sheep on the TB bangle with the TB lamb and the Pandora German oxi spacer

  • Crystal Grieves

    I received mine last week #206, I ordered from the Ohm site and it came from a store, still happy I got one!