Ohm Beads July BOTM Caramel Latte

ohm-beads-july-botm-caramel-latte-coverFor July, Ohm Beads is celebrating the first anniversary of their Bead of the Month concept with a spin off of the very first BOTM, Latte.  On July 1st, they will debut Caramel Latte, a creamy glass bead with caramel topping drizzled on top.  This bead comes as a set of two, and only 333 will be available!  Each will have their own serialized number (e.g. 33A/33B), and stock will be extremely limited.

In addition to the beads, they will come packaged with an Ohm mug!  This mug is decorated with the Ohm logo and #OhmFuel.  I love the thought and effort that goes into all the BOTM releases.  Of course, this will complement the original Latte perfectly and they have large cores so will fit on all bracelet styles, including Pandora.  The Caramel Latte can now be preordered at my recommended retailers: Artisan Bead Boutique and Perlen.  Is this one your wish list?

  • Mike

    Cave In was the first BOTM; But it is the one year anniversary of the Latte BOTM. 🙂