Ohm Beads January Releases

ohm-beads-year-of-the-monkey-cover2Ohm Beads has an impressive number of releases coming out today and this post will summarize them; for more detailed previews, you can click on their dedicated links.  Today we’ve got the debut of BOTM Weeping Warrior, Year of the Monkey (3 versions), the worldwide launch of the Tidlom CollectionBoogily Heads, Community Designs’ Strength of Humanity and Life’s a Beach, and the special edition Life Quote.  Some of the pieces will be retailer exclusives and that will be detailed below.

The Bead of the Month is called Weeping Warrior and there will be a very limited 555 charms made.  It will come in special packaging scented with essential oils and a few meditation stones.  The Year of the Monkey design is available in silver, oxidized, and an all gold version.  The silver Year of the Monkey is part of Ohm’s regular collection, the Dirty Monkey is a limited edition, and the Gold Monkey is only available at select retailers (like Artisan Bead Boutique).

The Boogily Heads Collection is a collaboration with the popular comic and brings to life 5 characters from that universe.  The 5 dolls are named Kitix, Zuggs, SkullGnome, SkyGor, and Scantron.  Along the same lines, Ohm Beads is releasing the adorable Tidlom Collection worldwide today.  It is based on a Thai cartoon and the set came out in Thailand last fall, so I’m very glad to see it available in other countries now.

These Community Design Projects have been in the works for some time now and it’s exciting that they’re finally available now!  Life’s A Beach has taken a couple years to go into production but the wait is definitely worth it. Strength of Humanity was also decided a while ago and the final design is so poignant and touching.

Lastly, we have the special edition Life Quote which is a retailer exclusive for Charms Life.  The pendant is engraved with “Carpe Diem” and its translation “Seize the Day” which makes it a great talisman.  I recently reviewed Charms Life’s Family Quote which has great meaning for me.

Ohm Beads are compatible with other bracelet brands including Pandora.  The main collections can be purchased from the official webstore, Artisan Bead Boutique, Perlen, and Classic Beads.  Have you been looking forward to any of these releases?

  • Ashley

    I’m definitely getting the dirty year of the monkey bead, my birthday year is Year of the Monkey. 🙂
    $800 for the gold version?!? Why did they do that? I’d love to have gotten the gold, enjoy the look of mixed metals but not at that price! :/