Ohm Beads Grumpy Cat Collection Preview

ohm-beads-grumpy-cat-cover1Fans that follow Ohm Beads know that the brand has been teasing at a Grumpy Cat charm for months now and we finally have a look at the collection!  This set is also scheduled to debut on July 1st, but is part of the regular line not a limited run.  Grumpy Cat Collection includes: Ohm? Horrible. Ohm? No. Ohm? Terrible.

Grumpy Cat is an iconic meme that has been popular online for years.  She has a perpetually grumpy look on her face and her memes are so funny.  Ohm did an incredible job catching the essence of Grumpy Cat and each of the charms can stand on its own.

]The beads are large core and can fit on all bracelet brands including Pandora.  They are now available for preorder at my recommended retailers:  Artisan Bead Boutique and Perlen.  Have you been looking forward to this collection?

  • jae

    I can’t wait!!! I think these beads are exceptionally well crafted, and I’m a sucker for anything feline 🙂

  • aquatopaz

    Grumpy cat may not like me but I love him. I’m thinking of Horrible. It almost captures Grumpy cat. I say almost because the face is off. Grumpy’s whisker cheeks extends to halfway the width of his eyes, which makes him look pathetically mean, but Horrible has a wider whisker cheek area which makes him look more like a tough guy. Grumpy cat is more of a complaining wheeny, not tough.

  • Carol

    OHM has done an amazing job with Grumpy Cat! All three beads are awesome, but I think that I would probably choose “Horrible”. I love these charms! <3

    • Kit @ OHM

      Thanks Carol, It’s very challenging to capture her unique features. We’re happy that you like them.

  • Alice Wonder

    Oh, I love it so much.