Ohm Beads February 2017 Releases

I’ve missed a few Ohm Beads releases and I heartily apologize!  This article is for cataloging purposes so I can’t speak to the availability of the limited edition pieces but the regular designs are part of the main collection.

ohm-beads-feb-2017-botm-love-kills-cover1Ohm Beads has large releases every month and for February, it’s another eclectic collection of designs from this brand.  Starting off is the BOTM called Love Kills and only 333 pieces were made.  This is featured for Valentine’s Day and Ohm always has such a fun interpretation of this lovers holiday.  They offered this description for the design:

Love kills. It kills the old you, forcing your new you to come out of it’s shell. Love kills. It kills prejudice, hate, and separation forcing you to be acceptive, understanding, and inclusive of the new you. Love kills. It kills the past, leaving you alone to face the presence of your true self. Love bares it all, making you feel helpless, vulnerable and open-hearted. There is nothing you can do to protect yourself from love – it comes quietly, uninvited, when you least expect it. Surrender to experience true love. Let the Love Kill the old you. #worthit

Love Kills is a focal piece and bigger than the typical bead; for fans not keen on the larger beads, Love Wounds features the same design but in the regular charm size.  It’s part of the regular collection so is still available for sale.  The limited edition version comes with a custom wooden box packaging whereas the regular one does not.  It’s great that the brand is offering two options for their usually popular Valentine’s Day design.

ohm-beads-words-collection-coverThere are a couple collections that came out for February, the first is called Words by Ohm.  There are 5 charms in this set, all 4 letter words named Pray, Love, Live, Hope, and F#@k.  They’re in a block style and very poignant talismans for everyday.  They can be purchased separately but of course are amazing together for an interlocking look.

ohm-beads-birdie-collection-cover1The other collection in this release is titled Birdie, which includes 6 different metal tones with the same design. What is the key to happiness? Happiness is knowing who you are. Discover who you are to let your true self fly! Happiness is dreaming big. Happiness is dreaming fearlessly. Let your inner birdie go and let yourself fly! Create your own path into the sky. Let your wings take you where your heart desires! #FlyFree  It is available in silver, dirty (oxidized), blush, copper, brass, and 14K gold.

There are two single releases in this set called Wheelchair and Grand Prix.  Wheelchair is self-explanatory and it’s really great to see Ohm Beads offering such niche designs that other brands don’t offer.  Grand Prix is a dangle and features a motorcycle.  I’m not terribly familiar with bike/car racing so I wasn’t even aware that the Grand Prix had motorcycle racing.

ohm-beads-rawr-ness-locks-coverLastly, as a separate release comes this year’s celebration of Draw a Dinosaur Day.  There are two new additions to the Rawr-ness Collection called Fossil-ness and Impression-ness.  They are two locks and has the additional latching feature which is nice for extra safety.  These are very intricate designs and has nice oxidization detailing.  They’re perfect with the rest of the Rawr-ness Collection!

Ohm Beads have large cores and are compatible with all bracelet styles including Pandora.  They can be purchased on their official website, which is fulfilled by your local Ohm Beads retailer.  Which of these designs is your favorite?