Ohm Beads Your Faith Looks Familiar (YFLF) Preview

Pop up - YFLF

Ohm Beads has had great success partnering with unique characters to bring them to life in the charm world.  Their next collaboration is with Your Faith Looks Familiar (YFLF pronounced yuff luff) which is a “non-Prophet organization that promotes Oneness Beyond Belief.  The YFLF Superheroes fight against the evil forces of prejudice & ignorance.”  All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, resurrected or immortal, is purely coincidental.

Of all the collaborations Ohm Beads has done so far, this one appeals to me more than any of the others.  Not only for their lighthearted take on religion but the aesthetic is so adorable that I can’t resist!  This collection is right in line with the brand’s philosophy and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.  Their descriptions are hilarious too and there are 6 charms to choose from:

  • Bu:
    Master of clarity, harmony and gastronomy. To him, there is no such thing as a bad situation, or bad dim sum. Bu will make you laugh every now and zen. #HappinessBeginsWithHa! [f]Buddhahaha
  • Shivz:
    Suave yogi of creative and destructive abilities. On some days, he is an athletic warrior adept at armed combat, which is likely for someone with four arms. #CreateDestroyRinseRepeat [f]ShivzNit
  • Jay C:
    Superstar healer, activist, and bartender. Water is his ally. He can walk on it. He can control the weather with it. He can make alcoholic beverages out of it. #ShitHappensMiraclesDoToo [f]JayCdude
  • Niño:
    The prince of bling. A hyper-energetic boy who can whine his way in and out of anything. He may be little, but his fashion sense is extra heightened. And he has one big ball. #TakeTheWorldByTheBalls [f]WonderBabyBoy
  • Momo:
    Commander of elements. He is equipped with 2 mobile devices called tablets. They give him focus and fortitude to stay on the straight path. They also serve as shields and boogie boards. #Take2TabletsDaily [f]CommanderMomo
  • Beel:
    A mischievous mystic. An expert in deception, possession, and trolling enemies to their own doom. His wit is as sharp as his horns and his goatee is never ruffled. #MyBad [f]Beel2DaZ

Along with the February BOTM Love Cage this collection will be released on February 2nd.  My recommended retailers are taking preorders for it though, and you can find them here: Artisan Bead BoutiquePerlen, and Oromoda.  Which design(s) speak to you?


  • courtneyslemaker

    I am in love.

  • Alice Wonder

    I totally missed this announcement. Love Shiva, I will be getting one.