Ohm Beads Elements Review (featuring ACA Kreations Elements)

ohm-beads-elements-cover3The recent Elements Collection from Ohm Beads has been a welcome addition to functionality and form.  This is a set of stoppers and clips which help hold charms in place whether on a bracelet or bangle.  The design is based on the Chinese elements, rather than the Western tradition, of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.  The -ish series denotes the Stoppers and the -ness series are the Locks.

The aesthetic is very cool and they are practical too.  I’m surprised that there aren’t more decorative stoppers given how popular bangles, so here is a synopsis of the compatibility between brands. Basically the stoppers only fit non-threaded bracelets and bangles, and the locks (or clips) can be used on any bracelet or bangle.  Both have silicone material inside so they hold tight to the bracelet or bangle.

  • Stoppers:
    • Ohm Beads bangles
    • Trollbeads bracelets and bangles
    • *redbalifrog* silver bracelets
    • Chamilia Flex and Solid bangles
    • Novobeads bracelets
  • Clips:
    • Ohm Beads bracelets and bangles
    • Pandora bracelets and bangles
    • Trollbeads bracelets and bangles
    • *redbalifrog* bracelets
    • Chamilia bracelets and bangles
    • Novobeads bracelets

The Bare lock also came out with this release although it’s not technically part of the Elements Collection.  It has a slimmer profile than the other locks, more like the stoppers, but has the same functionality as the clips.  The compatibility is the same as the locks.

Of course when I got these, it immediately brought to mind Alex Cramariuc’s amazing Elements Collection too.  I haven’t had as much time to play with my beads since the arrival of my little one, but this collection made me really excited and I created a separate bracelet for each element.  Because the ACA Kreations Elements are from the modern concept and the Ohm Beads Elements are inspired by the Chinese traditions, they mostly overlap except Air, Wood, and Metal.

My water element bracelet was based on the ocean and other sea creatures, featuring Ohm Beads Waterish, Waterness, ACA Kreations Aqua, Waves, Japanese Waves, and Michael Weihe’s Seahorse.

My fire element bracelet is based around dragons and their mythical ability to breath fire, showcasing the Ohm Beads Fireish, Fireness, ACA Kreations Ignis, Dragon, and the Trollbeads Easter 2015 Collection.

My earth element bracelet is focused on things that grow from the earth, mainly trees and other flora, including Ohm Beads Earthish, Earthness, Trollbeads Troll Tree, Vine, and ACA Kreations Terra.

My wood element bracelet is based on the forest and creatures found there like the Ohm Beads Woodish, Woodness, Ohm Beads Wood Collection, Trollbeads ambers, Squirrel, Birdhouse, Owl, and I added the ACA Kreations Aer as a beautiful complement.

Lastly, my metal bracelet is a reflection of the element and uses many of the aesthetically simple charms to display this effect, like Trollbeads Three Siblings, Spots, Shortcut, and Eske Storm 7 Rings.  The Ohm Beads Metalish and Metalness are styled like metal grates, which is a more complex design than the other ones I’ve used.

Have you gotten anything from this collection yet?  What’s your favorite element?

  • Vanessaqq

    I will buy some of them during Ohm August promotion, probably stoppers, not clippers.

  • jae

    I had to catch my breath when I saw your fire bracelet-The colours just jumped out at me (I believe my eyebrows were singed)-I’m not a huge fan of red, but I think you might have converted me-That is absolutely gorgeous, Leann

  • Diana Acevedo

    I could kiss you for the breakdown of what bracelets are compatible!!!!

  • Faye

    These are all really inspiring! I have bought the Wood-ish stoppers and can’t wait to buy more elements stoppers and the Water-ness clips! Gorgeous and about time we have more options in stoppers for our bangles.