Ohm Beads Death Barrels 2015 Review

ohm-beads-death-barrels-2015-coverMy favorite glass collection from Ohm Beads last year was the surprise release of the Death Barrels.  So I was highly anticipating this year’s Ohm’s Death Barrels and they did not disappoint!  There are 6 beads in this collection called: Rolled Over, Tropical Fever, Toxic Pox, Poisoned Apple, Zombie Attack, and Strangulation Veil.  It’s a fabulous mix of colors and patterns making this eclectic set incredibly fun.


Like most Ohm Beads, the Death Barrels have flat tops and large diameter cores which can be used with any bracelet brand.  With exception of Rolled Over and Zombie Attack, these have clear glass overlaid on top of the pattern.  Rolled Over has a charcoal appearance with tire treads and Zombie Attack is opaque with streaks of red in a green base.  Most of the designs are pretty uniform, but Poisoned Apple does have some really interesting variations.

I adore this collection and it goes with the previous Death Barrel Collection perfectly.  Ohm Beads can be purchased from their official website, Perlen, and Artisan Bead Boutique.  I combined the Death Barrels from this year and last year’s for this cool and funky bracelet; I also added my favorite quirky Ohm silvers too.  What’s your favorite design?  Are you a fan of this release?

  • Hummingbird5

    LOVE these!

  • CarolinaWings

    Rolled Over absolutely cracks me up – – I’ve been wanting to get something to commemorate our flat tire on vacation. Hilarious!