Ohm Beads Community Design Project #8 Announced


The contest is now opened!  Simply complete the Strength of Humanity survey to get cast your vote.

It’s been a while since Ohm Beads has hosted a Community Design Project competition and in the spirit of the holidays, they have just announced the start of one tonight!  For their 8th project, the theme is called Strength of Humanity and the release will be supporting an as-yet-to-be chosen charity.  To submit designs, comment with bead descriptions or sketches on the Ohm Beads Facebook post or email them to the company.  There’s no deadline stated, but these projects are complete rather quickly so I would hurry and get your ideas in!

Some of the past winners are simply wonderful and have become my favorite charms from the brand.  The very first design was Black Bird Pie, followed by: Our World, Girl’s Night Out, Daddy’s Little Girl, Chocolate, and Around the World (although we’re still missing the one from the project #6 – Life’s A Beach).  I can’t wait to see what charms fans come up with.  Are you going to participate in this contest?

  • Janie

    How exciting! Leanne, do you know if OHM beads look ‘fluid’ on a Pandora bracelet, alongside the Pandora beads? By fluid, i mean, does the silver texture and shading of the Ohm bead match the Pandora beads, or will it be very obvious that the Ohm bead is the odd one out? i placed a Trollbead on my pandora bracelet once and it did not look right because i found the texture and shading of silver was too different

    • Bonnie May

      I mix Ohms on with both my Pandora & Troll. It depends on the individual beads more than the brand.

    • Leann

      Yes, they look very similar in feel as Pandora. Trollbeads are a bit bigger and have a different aesthetic but Ohm Beads complement Pandora charms well :).

  • Guest

    “although we’re still missing the one from the project #6 – Life’s A Beach”

    LOL. Thanks for pointing that out Victoria #winkyface. We had two designs for that theme – Coconut Beach and Coral Reef. The waxes came back, but were never posted as the Around The World release took off as a very popular design.

    The magic of the Internet is that these ideas are out there *forever* and you can blog about it and call us out on dropping the ball. I kind of love it!!

    Here are the waxes (with a snowflake for size comparison). Should we resurrect these ideas?

    • http://www.OhmBeads.com Mike @ Ohm

      a) I called you Victoria. I am forever publicly shamed!
      b) apparently I don’t know how to edit comments.
      c) everyone makes mistakes, even brands, because we’re people too
      d) #eggonmyface
      e) Happy Thanksgiving LEANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Leann

        Lol…I edited it for you :P. #proofbeforepublishing

      • http://www.OhmBeads.com Mike @ Ohm

        No doubt. #slowdownmike

    • Leann

      LOL. Thanks for sharing the sketches and waxes, Mike! I think these look fantastic and should definitely be resurrected :D. Honestly I would love to see both, but the engraved coconut is fabulous.