Ohm Beads Community Design Project #6 & #8

ohm-beads-strength-of-humanity-cover1Continuing the previews is a look at a couple more charms Ohm Beads is debuting next month!  These pieces are part of the brand’s Community Design Project which takes feedback from their fans about what beads they want to see made.  It has been a long time since ideas were solicited for projects #6 and #8 and now they’re finally being produced.  They will be available on January 8th, along with the BOTM Weeping Warrior, Year of the Monkey charms, Boogily Heads, Tidlom (previously exclusive to Thailand), and another special edition from Charms Life called Life Quote.

ohm-beads-lifes-a-beach-cover1Project #6’s theme was Life’s a Beach and for newer fans this CDP was initiated over 2 years ago in 2013!  The winning design was voted on shortly after the theme was decided upon but for some reason it went on Ohm’s backburner.  However, I’m glad to see it has resurfaced and the bead is a brilliant representation of this motif.  It definitely brings to mind tropical locales and makes me long desperately for a sunny vacation.

ohm-beads-strength-of-humanity-cover3Jumping ahead to the latest Community Design Project is called Strength of Humanity.  The theme was chosen after the tragedies of last year and based on the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity.  It is a wonderfully touching design with hands reaching out to hold one another on one side and a home scene on the other.

I love that Ohm Beads shares photos of the design process – from inception to final product.  Ohm Beads can be purchased from my recommended retailers: Artisan Bead BoutiquePerlen, and Oromoda.  Have you been looking forward to seeing these Community Design Projects?

  • FairObjective

    Yes, very much, Leann! I especially love the Strength of Humanity design; can’t wait to get that one. Take care, and Happy New Year!

  • Bonnie May

    Oof! This is going to be an Ohmspensive month! Love both of these!!