Ohm Beads Community Design #7 – Around the World

ohmbeads-around-the-world3-cover2Last week, Ohm Beads revealed the winner to the 7th Community Design Project which is Around the World.  This charm was created as a part of the Traveling Abroad theme and edged out competing design, Desk Globe.  Around the World joins fellow past projects including Black Bird Pie, Our World, Girl’s Night Out, Daddy’s Little Girl, and Chocolate. For those that are counting, you’re not crazy – we’re still missing Community Design #6 which features the Life’s a Beach theme and the finalists have yet to be announced.

I personally voted for Around the World, but it was a tough choice!  I love that this charm features the different modes of travel encircling the world, including by plane, by car, and by train.  If it only had a ship, then it would be perfect as my husband and I are addicted to cruising.  These little vehicles stick out slightly from the surface of the bead so my first concern was that it might snag but I haven’t had that issue.

ohmbeads-desk-globe-coverSince Desk Globe was such a close runner up, Ohm Beads is offering to produce a one-time run of this design for anyone that preorders.  But hurry because the last day to get your order in is February 28th and will be delivered by late April!  Also, a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline to participate in the limited edition Love Hurts promotion or to buy it separately (click on the link for full details).  This special charm has garnered an overwhelming response and was so popular that Ohm Beads decided to create a second run.  For anyone who has ordered, these will ship in late March.

Ohm Beads charms are completely compatible with other brands including Pandora.  Around the World is $40 and Desk Globe is $45.  Desk Globe can only be purchased on the official website, but Around the World can be found at all authorized retailers including Perlen.  While I’m not generally fond of traveling, I always make an exception for vacations so I added a few other Ohm Beads travel charms to create this tropical bracelet!  What do you think of this winner?  Which finalist did you vote for?


Bead index (starting from left, glass are Trollbeads and silvers are Ohm Beads): Trollbeads Mexico lock (retired), bucket list, unique aqua ridges, conch seashell, unique teal glitter flower, whitecap, camera, turquoise dillo (retired), unique seafoam glitter flower, around the world, unique turquoise tiger stripes, unique green/blue fern, vacation cocktail, unique teal bubbles, unique teal two-tone dillo, girl’s night out, unique teal circles, unique teal braid, sand dollar, unique teal scallops, unique seafoam mini flowers.

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  • Pattie Hall

    I vote for your bracelet, do I win it? lol.love all the teal..

    • Leann

      Hahaha ;). I love the teal too, this shade is very soft and pretty!