Ohm Beads Community Design #4 – Daddy’s Little Girl

ohmbeads-daddys-little-girlWrapping up the last reviews of the current Ohm Beads Community Design charms is Daddy’s Little Girl*.  The Community Design Project is one of my favorite things about the company as it gives fans an opportunity to take part in the creative process.  Ohm is very responsive to their customers and I appreciate how frequently they run this program.  There are many charms out there that represent the bond between mother and daughter, so I’m glad to see this bead was picked to celebrate the relationship between father and daughter, which is just as important.  These pictures show the creative process from conception to production.

ohmbeads-daddys-little-girl-collageThis charm is a circular design and features a father lifting his daughter into the air and “Daddy’s Little Girl” engraved on the other side.  There are pink crystals embedded along both edges to add flair to this piece.  The core is threaded and is compatible with other bracelet brands including Pandora.  This bead is so special to me as my dad spent a lot of time with me while my mom worked late nights when I was growing up.  I’m definitely a daddy’s girl so I’m happy to have this charm to remind me of my childhood.

Ohm Beads Community Design Project is currently finishing up its seventh project as the voting stage just ended for the finalists of the “Travel Abroad” theme.  The sixth CDP is a bit behind schedule as the wax molds have yet to be completed.  Ohm ships from their online website in the US or they can also be purchased from Perlen for international buyers.  I made a girly bracelet to showcase this charm with pinks and creams.  Do you like this design?  Are you a daddy’s girl?


Bead index (starting from left): TB flower lock, TB WT Switzerland pocket watch, TB white triple pearl, TB unique pink flowers, Ohm budai, Ohm LE thunderstorms, TB unique white python, TB WT USA pursuit of happiness, TB LE white tinsel (retired), TB pink fantasy, Ohm daddy’s little girl, TB pink desert, TB milky quartz, TB endless, Ohm LE crocus, TB crown chakra, Ohm girl’s night out, TB pink prism (retired), TB LE golden bauble (retired), Ohm pianist, TB cream dillo, TB LE kyang (retired).

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  • Tori Cook

    Does that little pocket watch actually tell time? I would love that if it did!

    • Leann

      It doesn’t :(. It is two-tone though.

  • Carolyn Klement

    This will be a great edition to someone’s bracelet!

    My father passed away when I was very little and I didn’t even get a chance to know him at all as he was in hospital for years up until.
    Will be a great gift though as Christmas is coming up for my cousins ^.^

    • Leann

      So sorry about your dad :(. It’s definitely a sentimental piece. 🙂