Ohm Beads Chinese New Year Promotion

ohm-beads-blessed-with-wealth-cover1Ohm Beads is celebrating next month’s Chinese New Year in style with an extra special promotion for their fans in Asia!  Along with the Year of the Monkey designs to represent the lunar year, they are also offering an exclusive Blessed With Wealth charm for Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore.  The event will run from February 5th – 14th and the spend requirements will be different depending on the currency: $6000 TWD/$228SGD.

It’s a simple and elegant bead inscribed with the Chinese characters Fu (blessing) and Cai (wealth).  This design is inspired by the new year’s tradition of sticking red paper with various lucky words to part of the house to invite in good fortune.  This is a much more portable way to follow that custom and it’s a fabulous promotion!

At this point, Blessed with Wealth is exclusive to Asia but Ohm mentioned that it may come out later in other markets (no promises). Check out these sites for more information on how to take advantage of this promotion: Ohm Beads Taiwan, Ohm Thailand, and Beads Actually.

Not to be left out, Artisan Bead Boutique is hosting an Ohm Beads event in store (February 5th – 6th) and online (February 5th – 7th)!  With every purchase of $100USD, you have a choice of GWP: regular bracelet, oxi bracelet, play tray, or keychain.  If you’ve preordered the February releases, you can add to your order to reach $100 and put your GWP in the comments section; or if you’ve already reached $100, just email or Facebook message the store.

Are you going to participate in these offers?